Debt VS Abundance - Choose your Destiny!

While the bull market in 2021 leaves us all in awe, our wildest dreams of abundance and redistribution of wealth start to become a reality.

Once fiat money becomes an inflated balloon about to burst, mass crypto adoption will become a common of our society. And that is good! 
I am one of those humans who dreams with the idea of technology being so advanced that most of the unlikable and stressing jobs that society has can be performed by them the machines, not by us the people. I envision a time when humans can really dedicate themselves to live their lives without the concern of "how do I get food/money/shelter/job/etc"or the tedious 8 hour cycle of work that takes a person 1 third of sacred time.

To be fair, automation must be not about turning us into cyborgs, but focusing our efforts in creating technology that can let us enjoy our time without the worry of how to get the basic needs. If enough technology is used smartly to achieve levels of food production that don't need so much human labor (you see, I would really want to get rid of those jobs that take so much effort and pay so little) then we can dedicate ourselves to be our best version.

I am learning on the way, you know? I don't know what the future holds, but I know for sure that one day we will have all members of our society with their needs met and with enough time and resources to be better humans and help our civilization evolve.


Oh yeah, from the old archaic fogs of thought known as religions and doctrines of the past, we have been conditioned to think that we mere mortals have a debt with a god/holy being/priest/king/ruler/etc, and that's not true. Supposedly, we all have to work our asses off to make our existence. Well, kinda yeah, but kinda no. 

The idea that we need to work a lot to have our basic needs met can be archaic when we have tools as permaculture (Masanobu Fukuoka created a method to have abundance of food without having to even work the soil, letting nature do it's thing, and even sowing seeds in the desert), which can help us be fed for years to come without eroding the soil and annihilating biodiversity like most industrial farming does. So in the past, we have been conditioned by very brute, non intelligent and ignorant people with "power" and "influence" to believe that everything needs a lot of labor and sacrifice and sweat, and in reality, it would be more effective for the planet if you dedicate the hard work to exercise and stay fit than to make holes on the earth to plant some stuff. I know, we need that stuff to survive, but decentralization is something that not only happens with assets, monetary systems or bitcoins. It also must happen with our society, the ways we get our food, the ways we relate to the environment, even the ways we dispose of our remains, like our manures and even our own bodies when they cease to function. I imagine that when people decentralize from the cities and start to make "nodes" or "dendrites" of connected, independent but interrelated communities, the way cities work now (polluting, wasting, etc) would become obsolete, because with more people enjoying more space and without the hassle of working for the big machine of archaic society, ergo, more free time, every human could have some hours a week to do some chores to make a sustainable living, like managing our excrements in a sustainable way.

When we ask others to do out stuff, then we create debt, so it should be time for humans to become empowered and say "Hey, I am not going to do this the archaic way, I must find a new more sustainable, harmonic and respectful way of doing my life".

And because our monetary system works on a debt basis, we will never be truly free to do our lives and turn our shit into compost as it should be, so we need the new tools to help us reach a new way of life in which there is no more pollution because millions of humans centralize themselves in weird cities or blocks to live precarious lives disguised as high standards of life (being a slave to production and consumerism is a poor life compared to a more free existence enjoying nature and a healthy life).

Now, we need to use crypto, blockchain and other monetary innovative creations to give ABUNDANCE, and get rid of the archaic concept of debt.

I assure you, when I see nature, I don't see debt, I see abundance, so humans should quickly turn their lives around and be able to grasp and redistribute that natural inherent wealth equally to end most of the troubles of this freaking soon to be obsolete society.

Give crypto to people, make it accessible! Let everyone have satoshis! Abundance is coming and we need to change how we operate on planet earth!

Thanks for reading.



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AmorVitalis is a CryptoEnthusiast, NFT Artist, Musician, magician and writer.

AmorVitalis Writes a Blog!
AmorVitalis Writes a Blog!

As a crypto-enthusiast and artist I am always learning and studying possible ways to achieve financial freedom and wealth through the creation of music, magic, paintings, writing and natural art. My journey in crypto started in 2020, while being homeless. Welcome to my expression.

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