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I had made a brief presentation of XSL LABS in a previous post : XSL LABS : Internet of Trust. And 2 days ago I received my SYL that I had bought during the ICO XSL LABS.


Initially, the SYL token was to be an ERC20 token. But to avoid overly high fees, XSL LABS opted for a launch on Binance Smart Chain. XSL LABS had provided a tutorial for newcomers to add the SYL token on Trustwallet. Since I do not have BNB on my Truswallet, I chose Metamask because I have around 0.1 BNB for Pancakeswap.finance. In my previous post : Add FARM Token to Metamask, I also added a link to my site that explains how to add Binance Smart Chain on Metamask to use pancakeswap.finance, I added this page to my site during February 2021 : cryptowido.com/binancesmartchain


On April 13, 2021, XSL LABS announced the listing of SYL on Probit.
I do not have a Probit account and I do not intend to sell my SYL at this time. SYL will surely be listed on other exchanges.



We can see in the announcement screenshot : "We also take the opportunity of this listing announcement to announce the launch of the development of the SDI for use in Swiss Biometrics". The choice to launch SYL on the BEP-20 is only a temporary measure to allow the XSL LABS team to move forward in their project with their future partners.

I am waiting for the release of DApp ONE to update my XSL LABS page on my site. But a link to this post will be added. There you will find the links to the XSL LABS site and their Youtube channel.

The crypto market is young, volatility is high, do your own research and measure the risks before making a decision.

Thanks for reading my post and happy earnings :)

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Source Links : xsl-labs.org/blog/the-syl-will-be-listed-on-probit - probit.com/app/exchange/SYL-BTC 


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