Stolen Post

By Cryptowido | Cryptowido | 6 Mar 2021

Hello, last night I found one of my posts published on publish0x on another site that I did not know.

Nobody asked for my consent to have my post published on this site (screenshot).


If at least these information appeared on the page of this site :
Auteur : Cryptowido
Blog :
Site :

Not only did this site not ask for my permission to copy / paste this, but it does not give any clear information on where this post came from.
I can only express my disagreement with this approach here.

Especially if I had been asked, I probably would have given my consent if the above information had been clearly stated.

My post which was copied / pasted on this site is : XSL LABS : Internet of Trust -

I appreciate Publish0x for publishing posts and thus complementing my site with additional information.

I do not know if any other posts were copied / pasted on this site but that would not be surprising.

Thanks for reading my post and happy earnings :)

Publish0x Links : Newcomers - XSL LABS : Internet of Trust - Economic Transition - Crypto Potential - Bitcoin Correction 

When I modify one of my posts on Publish0x, it is to add links and facilitate navigation between my posts (Publish0x Links).

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