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I entered the Crypto World in january 2017 through Ptcs and Faucets. Rewards from these sites were not very good at first glance, but i understood the potential that Cryptos like Bitcoin could have ! And now in january 2021, these rewards that i got without spending money but investing only my time are getting really interesting. Everything suggests that in this year 2021, we are in a Bull Run ! 

May be you think it is too late now, of course you should have started earlier, that's what i also think : "i should have started before 2017". That's what almost everyone says to themselves.  There is no point in regretting, you should rather see the opportunity that still lies in front of you and move on.

In may 2020, there was a Bitcoin Halving and there is a halving every 4 years. Halving : the reward given to miners is divided by 2. This reward currently of 6.25 BTC (initially 50 BTC from 2009 to 2012) will continue to decrease in the future.

I will give you more details, but first i would like to introduce you to my site which i created few months after entering the Crypto World :


I created this site to help newcomers get started in Cryptos. My site can help you :

  • Choose one or more Wallets
  • Restore your Coins (example : Coinomi Wallet has delisted BTX from its platform, i show you how to get back your BTX or any other coins)
  • Many links for Blockchain explorer : useful for checking if transactions have been sent or received
  • List of Faucets and Ptcs to get Free Coins
  • Many Reviews : Web Browser Brave, Uphold, Coinbase, Binance (with my Binance Referral Link : Your commission kickback rate : 10 %)
  • And more.

A Crypto ban is less and less likely to succeed, now that there are more and more major players who have publicly announced their investment in Bitcoin like Grayscale and Paypal to name a few.

I have good reasons to be optimistic about the future of Bitcoin (this is only my opinion) as i say in my site : "As long as Bitcoin offers high rewards to miners, we are in a distribution phase with high price volatility. But in the fairly near future, the rewards for miners will be less than 1 BTC, so Bitcoin as a safe haven will make sense..." "The massive adoption and golden age of Bitcoin (and other cryptos) is coming soon...".

Moreover : "Bitcoin is not successful just because of its rarity but also because it has historical value." "Bitcoin is historically the first CryptoCurrency to have worked and launched Blockchain Technology."

If you want to enter the Crypto World, you will have to build your own Strategy !

  • determine your investment capacity : whether in money or time
  • determine your short, medium and long term goals
  • determine the actions to be taken to achieve these goals

For example, when i started in Cryptos, i didn't have money to invest in it but i had time to invest, which is why i chose Faucets and Ptcs. I can give more details about my Strategy in a future post if you ask me for in comments.

Thanks for reading my post, intended for newcomers interested in Cryptos.

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