Newcomers Conclusion

By Cryptowido | Cryptowido | 30 Jan 2021

Hello, last chapter still aimed at newcomers to the crypto world.
In my 3 previous posts, I tried to provide some advice which I hope will have been useful to you.

As you have seen in previous chapters, I was able to build myself a small income in crypto thanks to faucets and ptcs, low but stable.
I was already aware in 2017 when I started that I could hardly speak of income because in reality we rather collect crumbs (especially without referrals).
But in a long term view, I was convinced that Bitcoin would continue to rise cycle after cycle.
Besides, I'm sure some of my friends must have thought me crazy for spending so much time trying to earn some crumbs even though they didn't clearly tell me.

Before, I really had nothing at all, no money and no material possessions. Now : 

  • I have a small crypto capital that I will keep for the very long term.
  • I also have a small capital for Trading.
  • I also now have since the beginning of this year a small capital for staking with Binance, Coinbase and JustMining.

Recently, i did staking with and i will do it with Swissborg too. I think the top 5 platforms where I need to have an account are : Binance, Coinbase, Uphold, and Swissborg.

I will be spending a lot less time on faucets and ptcs and more on trading. Between 2017 and 2020, in the 2 years I was very active, I had 30-40 tabs open in my web browser. In addition, I invite you to be careful with faucets and ptcs (and any other site that requires an initial investment) because the more the price of Bitcoin increases, the more scams there will be. There will even be faucets and ptcs that will surely stop paying and shut off or drastically reduce rewards. I think in 1 or 2 Bitcoin cycles the opportunity offered by faucets and ptcs will be gone (I think it will be less and less interesting to do them). More information about Bitcoin on my site : Here and Here.

In conclusion, I started from next to nothing and now step by step this crypto adventure is encouraging.

Thanks for reading my post and happy earnings :)

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