My Strategy 2023

By Cryptowido | Cryptowido | 26 Feb 2023


Disclaimer : This is not investment advice.
And the possibility that I'm wrong is also to be taken into account.
The crypto market is young, volatility is high, do your own research and measure the risks before making a decision.
I share what i do, nothing more.

In my previous post : Bitcoin Bull Rally 2019.
I had speculated about a possible Bull Rally 2023.

Here is my strategy in broad outline.

I wrote (post : My Crypto Investments Part 5) :
"I had slowly started my custom DCA at the end of October.
In December and January, I significantly accelerated my custom DCA.

Now I will significantly slow down my DCA.
And maybe even turn it off completely for a while.
Everything will depend on the market and if there are still opportunities to be seized."

So for now, if Bitcoin stays below $25,000.
I can continue my DCA, even if I buy less or not at all, the closer it gets to $25,000.
On the contrary, the lower the prices, the more I will try to seize the buying opportunities according to my financial possibilities.

Between $25,000 and $40,000 or so, I'm a spectator.
I might consider short-term trades if the crypto market offers opportunities.
And if I have time.

Then I would very possibly become a seller if Bitcoin returns to the $40,000 area and above.

For example, I can place a few bitcoin sell orders of $100 or $200 between $40,000 and $60,000.
I will only sell a small portion of my crypto capital to minimize my risk.
I do not think I would sell just to have stablecoins.
There may be good opportunities in BTC/ALT pairs, like the BTC/ETH pair for example or simply to still hold some crypto capital.

I would not need to transfer Cryptos from my wallets to the exchanges I use.
As I mentioned in previous posts, my Cryptos are split into several non-custodial wallets and exchanges.
This is my way of managing my risk : dividing and having different solutions and possibilities to store my cryptos.

In the same way as I do with crypto faucets, when I have sufficient earnings, I withdraw all or part of these earnings to one of my non-custodial wallets.
I keep the funds I need on exchanges and withdraw some or all of my earnings to one of my non-custodial wallets.

There is the risk of losing all our capital invested in crypto through capital losses.
There is also the risk of selling much too soon at a likely market top. The future is uncertain.
Sell or buy based on time, price, etc. becomes necessary.
I would not take the risk of selling all my cryptos.

I take my earnings in Crypto, I do not convert cryptos to FIAT.
I invest FIAT in crypto during bear markets and accumulation periods.

I hold a very large part of my crypto investments.
By staking on Meria for example or with my Keplr wallet in the Cosmos Ecosystem.
Or simply in my Trezor wallet or other non-custodial wallets like Trustwallet, Exodus, Electrum, Metamask, Rabby, etc.

Because I'm a long-term investor and in my long-term strategy, I'm in an accumulation phase.

And so I apply a strategy that I only recommend to myself because this strategy suits me.
In relation to my profile, my personality, my available time, my personal and financial limits.
But also in relation to the risk that I am ready to accept.

Currently, I hope the prices will drop to have more time to continue my DCA.

Thanks for reading my post and happy Earnings :)

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