My Crypto Investments Part 6

By Cryptowido | Cryptowido | 4 Mar 2023


As I have done in my previous posts, I continue to share my crypto investments :

27/02/2023 : 202 KLAY for 62.36952 USDT
27/02/2023 : 30 OP for 86.862 USDT
27/02/2023 : 1026000 SHIB for 12.78396 USDT
27/02/2023 : 1506 CSPR for 58.687314 USDT
28/02/2023 : 480.4 CHSB for 100 Euro
28/02/2023 : 0.0646002 ETH for 100 Euro
28/02/2023 : 0.00450285 BTC for 100 Euro

I continue my custom DCA.
I am currently at a loss on these latest Crypto purchases.
I do not try to buy perfect bottoms.
I am currently not interested in doing short term trades.
I will not panic sell.

A large part of these crypto investments that I have shared here on publish0x since the end of October are placed in staking for the very long term.
Because I still have good reason to think that there will be a next Bull Cycle.

I accept the risk of my long-term strategy.
A bet on the future.

Because I still think Blockchain Technology has a huge potential to express for the next ten years at least.

As I mentioned in my previous posts :
I am a long term investor.
I am in a period of accumulation.

Blockchain Technology is most likely a powerful and useful tool for the world of tomorrow.

"A lot of people automatically dismiss e-currency as a lost cause because of all the companies that failed since the 1990’s. I hope it’s obvious it was only the centrally controlled nature of those systems that doomed them. I think this is the first time we’re trying a decentralized, non-trust-based system."
By Satoshi Nakamoto.

"The design supports a tremendous variety of possible transaction types that I designed years ago. Escrow transactions, bonded contracts, third party arbitration, multi-party signature, etc. If Bitcoin catches on in a big way, these are things we’ll want to explore in the future, but they all had to be designed at the beginning to make sure they would be possible later."
By Satoshi Nakamoto.

Internet Technology did not arrive overnight.
There were standards, protocols that had to be created.
For example: TCP/IP, Domain Name Service, Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol, etc.

We are at the beginning of Blockchain Technology.
We are at the beginning of the future possibilities that this technology can offer.

But ultimately, everything will depend on the human choices that will be made.

This is not investment advice.
And the possibility that I'm wrong is also to be taken into account.
The crypto market is young, volatility is high, do your own research and measure the risks before making a decision.
I share what i do, nothing more.

Thanks for reading my post and happy Earnings :)

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