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By Cryptowido | Cryptowido | 27 Mar 2021


There are many ways to earn crypto, but there are always higher or lower risks.
There are many projects and platforms, but not all are trustworthy.
And the regulations, the laws differ from one country to another.

It is not investment advice. This is my crypto routine.

My crypto income from :
Faucets and Ptcs
Web Browser Brave
Trading (Spot and recently Futures on Binance)
Airdrop (mainly from Coinbase Earn)
Staking (Binance, Coinbase,, Swissborg, JustMining)
Cashback ( with VISA Card)

You can see a list of the platforms I use on my site : Cryptowido

As I wrote in my first posts, I started my crypto adventure via faucets and ptcs in January 2017.
So I continue. I used to be on thirty or forty different faucets and ptcs, now I'm only on ten of those sites.

In January and February 2021 I decided to invest some money as I mentioned in recent posts ( and New Life).
I wanted to position myself on certain cryptos, on certain projects such as, Swissborg or even XSL LABS for example.
And I wanted to do it before the crypto prices go up too much.

I had invested a lot of my money in crypto, but not all of it. I also bought a 20 franc Napoleon gold coin in February and had kept a small capital for possible unforeseen events. I was also in contact for the job I am doing now.
My crypto portfolio and activity has diversified since I started in 2017.

I took risks calculated according to my situation.
If the crypto market offers good opportunities, I might reinvest a little. But the bulk of my future investments will not be crypto investments.
My goal is to diversify my investments.
My investment strategy cannot be based only on cryptos.

I like cryptos and will continue to invest most of my free time in this activity. But I do not need to invest a lot of money anymore or at least not in the near future. Which is not a bad thing considering the bull market period we are currently going through.

My strategy is not the best, or even the right one, but it is the one that suits me for the moment.

"You have to believe in the long term plan you have but you need the short term goals to motivate and inspire you"
Roger Federer

Thanks for reading my post and happy earnings :)

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