Markets and Speculations

By Cryptowido | Cryptowido | 30 May 2021


The markets, whether crypto or not, are subject to two main forms of speculation : Temporal speculation and emotional speculation.

Thus, the various players try to anticipate the future in order to take a position on these markets. And the effects of announcements play with our emotions to control and manipulate these markets. It doesn't matter whether an annoucement is true or false. The goal is not to provide information but to use forms of communication to give a bullish or bearish direction to the various markets.

For example, institutions warn against the risks of volatility in the crypto markets. However, these institutions play a remarkable role in this volatility : indecision between regulation and ban is a major risk of volatility.

The current and future context is conducive to this emotional speculation :
Health crises
Ecological crises and transitions
Economic and monetary wars, crises and transitions ...
Risks of inflation and loss of purchasing power
Leading to risks of political and social crises ...
Which can lead to armed conflict.

It doesn't take much for the system to burst. These risks can affect the entire economy and therefore all markets and by extension our lifestyles.

Crypto markets are not mature because the uncertainty of regulation is heavy. However, a Bitcoin ban does not necessarily mean that Bitcoin will no longer exist because there is no evidence that this ban can actually apply or last over time, on the other hand its value will drop.

In the meantime, manage your risk, your emotions because we do not control the markets and even less the people who have the most influence on these markets.

Greed is not a hunger that can be sated.

This is not investment advice.
The crypto market is young, volatility is high, do your own research and measure the risks before making a decision.

Thanks for reading my post and happy earnings :)

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