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By Cryptowido | Cryptowido | 20 Feb 2021

Hello, when I started the crypto adventure in 2017, I often saw titles like “King Bitcoin” and “Bitcoin the digital gold”.
I agree with these titles and you know why if you've taken a look at my previous posts or my site Cryptowido.

Cryptos are influenced by the price of Bitcoin.
We can also think that if Bitcoin were to fail and end at $ 0 then the probabilities that other cryptos would also fail would be very high.
But conversely as long as Bitcoin is on the path to success, then the odds that it will cause other cryptos to rise is very high.

At first, I didn't want to regret my choice of whether or not to spend a lot of time in the crypto business. So I wanted to represent to myself the potential of Bitcoin in the future by relying on two basic but characteristic elements of Bitcoin : Halving (Bitcoin cycle) and Rarity.

Here is a scenario I had imagined for Bitcoin. Of course, this is just one example of a possible scenario but I hope it is this kind of scenario that will be expressed in the years to come.


In this scenario, the loss of Bitcoin's volatility and its evolution towards a safe haven status will mark the golden age of cryptos.
Because at this time, Bitcoin will really be a success and cryptos will benefit from this achievement and this new maturity acquired by Bitcoin.

In this example I have taken the year 2032 as the last bull run before the appearance of an ascending plateau (I think this plateau will have an uptrend). But I cannot know what will really happen.
Note that if such a scenario were to emerge, then it will be very dangerous to sell your Bitcoins for trading when its status evolves into a safe haven.

I wanted to put forward, in a simple way, the potential of Bitcoin (and by extension of our favorite cryptos) in an optimistic scenario.

And in doing so, I hope to help people who have just entered the crypto world to get a sense of what the future of Bitcoin and cryptos might look like.
It should also be noted that if Bitcoin succeeds in becoming a safe haven, then the opportunity to enter cryptos (as we currently know it with bull run cycles) will be over or nearly over.

This is not investment advice, it is only my point of view.

Thanks for reading my post and happy earnings :)

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