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By Cryptowido | Cryptowido | 19 Mar 2023


During this Bear Market, I did not only buy Crypto with FIAT Euro currency.
I also bought with my time.
By using Crypto Faucets.

By the way, I had started my Crypto adventure using Crypto faucets in 2017.
I don't know how many captchas I had to do since...

But often I made hundreds, not to say thousands of captchas per day on dozens of different faucets.
When Faucethub existed or Coinpot with its five faucets : BonusBitcoin and moonfaucets.
And many more...

At the same time, I discovered, learned and tested this new ecosystem.
Thus, I received hundreds of micropayments.
And I was also able to make my first transactions or rather micro-transactions.
I was able to see that the proposed technology worked.

I was thus able to build up a small crypto capital.
I was also able to maintain a helpful habit even now.
As I wrote in a previous post :
"In the same way as I do with crypto faucets, when I have sufficient earnings, I withdraw all or part of these earnings to one of my non-custodial wallets.
I keep the funds I need on exchanges and withdraw some or all of my earnings to one of my non-custodial wallets."

I was unemployed in 2017 and a few years before I was even homeless.
In other words, I had nothing left.

I only had my time.
So I paid with my time to bet on the future.

I still remember these remarks of a nameless stupidity, of a total lack of common sense.
When we unfortunately came across faucets that didn't pay, real little scams...
Like, "It's okay, you haven't wasted real money, just time."

Yet time, our time is our most precious and scarce resource !

And real money? seriously ?
It suffices to compare the money masses M0 and M1 to know that the Cash equivalent does not exist.
The possible risks of Bank Run.
We have been using "virtual currency" created ex nihilo for a long time.
Dematerialized currency or scriptural currency.

You have to be able to motivate yourself to do so many captchas for next to nothing.
I had done two basic calculations to motivate me at the very beginning of my crypto adventure.

Calculate the value of one Satoshi (Bitcoin) against the price that Bitcoin could possibly reach.


And calculate the evolution of rewards in BTC after each halving as I wrote in a previous post : Bitcoin Miner Rewards Evolution.


These two simple calculations based on Bitcoin fundamentals gave me possible insights into the future.
Because many people said : "Faucets are a waste of time".
I do not agree because it depends on people's situation.
This way I was able to get approximately : 0.2 BTC - 15000 DOGE - 200 BAT - 0.2 BCH - 0.4 LTC - 0.035 ETH - 140 DGB - 60 TRX - etc.
I think that's already not bad.

Back to the present, I had a steady job for over two years.
So I have much less time to do crypto faucets.
But I still do a few.

So, I don't only do DCA with this "real money".
I also do DCA with my free time using crypto faucets.
Although it is true that I was much less active on these faucets when Bitcoin was at $40,000 and above for example or when I was taking a few breaks. But never completely inactive because there are always loyalty bonuses on certain faucets that I prefer to keep.

You can consult the list of faucets I use on my site : cryptowido/faucets

These are affiliate links.
I do not care if you use them or not because I'm used to not having active referrals anyway.
So it won't change anything for me.
But thank you if you use them.

An example of my earnings on Cointiply :



Faucets Rules : (Read the ToS and Rules of each Website).
I recommend that you never deposit crypto in these websites : third party platforms.
Do not try to Cheat.
No multiple account, no VPN, no Proxy, no AdBlocker, no Thor, no Bots, etc.
Do not install anything from Popups / Ads.
Do not work on a single Faucet but on several.
Clicking on a Banner Ad just once per Day (less or more) will help the Faucet or Ptc to live (Of course, no need to register on these advertising sites).
Some Faucet / Ptc do not pay and it's just a waste of time.
Time is more precious than money, so they are scams.

By the way, my website changed recently.
The old one is still available for about 20 days.
I no longer wanted to pay for the domain name, etc.
The reason is simple : I prefer to buy crypto with this "real money".

This is not investment advice.
And the possibility that I'm wrong is also to be taken into account.
The crypto market is young, volatility is high.
Do your own research and measure the risks before making a decision.

Thanks for reading my post and happy Earnings :)

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