Blockchains are Dangerous

By Cryptowido | Cryptowido | 9 Apr 2021


Blockchain Technology provides a solution of trust between users.
But that trust can only be truly applied if there is enough transparency.

Blockchain Technology and Bitcoin developed by Satoshi Nakamoto go in this direction by being Peer to Peer, Open Source and Decentralized.
The Peer to Peer system allows accessibility to the ecosystem.
The code is Open Source and gives enough transparency. Even if only people with the required skills can verify this code, then a sufficiently high level of trust is achieved.
Decentralization of the network and governance may not be perfect, some groups are more influential than others. But by trying to be sufficiently decentralized, or as decentralized as possible, the resilience of the system, the level of trust gained is preserved.
These values are important so that this new automated tool that is the Blockchain remains neutral or as neutral as possible.
And what are the catalysts that have enabled the development of Blockchain technologies ? Satoshi Nakamoto and Bitcoin.

Often detractors of Bitcoin, whether or not they realize what Blockchain and Bitcoin are, say : "No to Bitcoin, but Yes to Blockchain"
Unfortunately, many of them do not understand the implications of this short sentence. And those who understand the implications and say it anyway, it's shameful and sickening. These people do not give out information and are not interested in the truth. They do communication.

Do you really think future CBDCs (central bank digital currency) will be transparent enough ?
That the code will be Open Source ?
That there will not be parts of the code that will be hidden ?
That the network and governance will be decentralized ?

Personally, I find it hard to imagine governments and banks showing total transparency and delivering to the world the full history of their transactions.
While only our own will be dissected, analyzed for our safety ...

Let's not forget that blockchains can be used to guarantee transactions, the ownership (of a digital object : NFT), but also to vote ...

Maybe I'm wrong and they will show foolproof transparency, but otherwise : Can we believe their system will be based on real trust ?
What have we learned from history and recent economic crises ?

Blockchains and Money should be neutral tools to facilitate transactions.
Neutral tools created to make people's lives easier. But some players turn these tools into instruments of control, enslavement and even death to be the only winners in history.

Blockchain technology is an innovation worthy of a revolution.
But who will ultimately benefit from this revolution ?

The decisions that will be taken for or against the regulation of cryptos, on the use of blockchain technology will have an impact on our lives. But also on the lives of future generations. We are on the start of a transition and the end results will shape a new model of society.

I am a crypto enthusiast. But I'm not very optimistic about human nature and human madness.

Thanks for reading my post and wish the next generations a bright future :)

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