Bitcoin Correction

By Cryptowido | Cryptowido | 24 Feb 2021

Hello, Corrections are needed in a market. It is not worrying, it is even reassuring.



Bitcoin could range between $ 44,000 and $ 58,000. The support zone around $ 33,000 could be interesting if the bitcoin price returns to this zone. There are several possible scenarios but it is not me who could guess for sure what will happen. But there is nothing to worry about even if the price were to seek lower support (like $ 33,000) before rebounding. 

From my point of view, bitcoin has risen sharply in recent months and a good consolidation of the price can only be beneficial for the rest of the bull run.

There were many corrections during the 2013 and 2017 bull runs and some were over 40%.

Between the Halving of July 2016 and the Bull Run ATH of December 2017 : 18 months.
Between the halving of November 2012 and the Bull Run ATH of November 2013 : 12 months.

Note that the 2013 Bull Run was done in 2 stages unlike the 2017 Bull Run (BtcBullRun). 

What will the Bull Run be like in 2021?
How many months between halving in 2020 and the future ATH of the current Bull Run ?
Halving from May 2020 to currently February 2021: 10 months.

It might also be interesting to know the number of corrections above 20%, 30%, 40% during the 2013 and 2017 bull runs if anyone took the time to count them, please share these stats with us in the comments. (I'm sorry I didn't take the time to count them and I don't think I would have the time)

Bitcoin is subject to speculation, please do your own research.

Thanks for reading my post and happy earnings :)

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