The Power of the CryptoMeme
The Power of the CryptoMeme

By Rondo | Cryptoverse | 7 Aug 2019

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One of the strongest use cases for Meme's is most evident in the cryptoverse, and provides for some serious commentary about the state of the ecosystem. From funny to not so funny, they are indeed a graphic representation of our culture and mindset in the 21st century. "Meme" etymology as described in the dictionary - an element of a culture or system of behavior that may be considered to be passed from one individual to another by non-genetic means, especially imitation. a humorous image, video, piece of text, etc., that is copied (often with slight variations) and spread rapidly by Internet users.

So this brings me to the subject at hand and your attention to the epic virality of the Facebook Libracoin saga, that played out recently across the web, spreading to all for corners of this bright little cosmic spec of dust, we call earth. The web went absolutely mental and seemed to reach a climax during the senate hearings held during the last week of July, 2019. When Senator Brad Sherman referred to Libracoin as Zuck Bucks, little did he or any of his fellow senators know that there was indeed a meme crypto called, Zuck Bucks (ZBUX). The Zuck Bucks community of avid supporters, latched onto this unexpected mass media frenzy and the ZBUX developer & founder Colin Fausnaught, moved fast to get the token listed on several exchanges and ZBUX mooned to an all time high $0.47 (ref: CoinGecko). Trading was brisk on Graviex, DDEX, Etherflyer and TokenJar. 

Most memes in reality have an element of life imitates art or visa versa, and Zuck Bucks has a serious mission although done in a humorous and tongue n' cheek way. Extract from their whitepaper: "Zuck Bucks: A Protest of Libra and Facebook" It's no secret to anyone that the internet is controlled by a few, pretty powerful individuals. Mark Zuckerberg is among the top. As Facebook rose in the last 15 years, it has quickly become intertwined in every aspect of human life.

Nearly every member of the general populace has a Facebook account, and the extremely long “terms of service” agreements and “privacy policies” that none of those who use Facebook have actually read through has allowed Mark Zuckerberg to set into motion a 1984-esq dystopia where the general populace is monitored 24/7. In addition to this monitoring, data of browsing habits and data of messages sent on their platform are sold to advertising companies to invasively and specifically target anyone on their platform. Despite making billions from this invasive form of monitoring and aggressive marketing, it apparently wasn't enough. Now Facebook wants to have control of the financial systems our communities and families depend on.

I have linked their whitepaper, above needless to say this meme token "Zuck Bucks" and their mission raises some serious issue affecting our private data as a commodity and our security online and in the real world. Colin is not finished yet and is continuing to raise awareness through the power of the memetoken and ZBUX. I will leave you with a final quote from Colin - 

"It’s time to rise up against those who seek to oppress humanity with private interests, and it’s time to do away with the centralization of power that Libra seeks to add to cryptocurrencies."

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