Howdoo Udoo Social Media
Howdoo Udoo Social Media

By Rondo | Cryptoverse | 3 Sep 2019

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For this post I explored “Howdoo” a new social media platform for content creators and content consumers. To re-iterate, there is a lot of talk about Blockchain technology and what innovative platforms will mean for the content creation industry.

The dApps and websites work in much the same way as they do today, so we do not have to re-learn or be hesitant about using them. The key factor with all of these new platforms, is that now we have the added opportunity to earn crypto currency through engaging on these platforms. The monetization will be frictionless, instant, secure and with very low to no fees, for all users and give greater ownership of the content back to the creators as well as covering privacy issues.

Howdoo Platform

The content creator is the star of the social media show if they have the tools to create and engage. They are naturally creative, intensely passionate and will put incredible time and effort into developing their craft and following. Creators really care about their content and will naturally gravitate towards ecosystems that give them the best chance of making a living from their passion.

The creator will never just use one social network, instead choosing to replicate content across many channels. They will however be active on all channels and engage well with their community. They will use video and photo features and streaming is possible, it will be used, heavily. They would use broadcasting and commerce features as well as merch sales to drive extra revenue.

On Howdoo, you can stream, message, post, blog and share images and videos on a feature-rich platform where you’re in total control. Whether you want to set up subscriptions, enable paywalls on individual pieces of content, or focus on income from likes and shares, you can monetize in whatever way suits you via the UDOO crypto currency native to the Howdoo platform.

Beneficial features: Galleries, community channels, streaming, live schedules, ticket sales, polls, competition features and more.

uDOO In: Ad revenue opportunities, tips, merch and much more. 

uDOO Out: Tips, competitions, loyalty and engagement, as well as offramp to fiat currencies.

User Engagement

This niche can cover all creators and followers. Irrespective of features, we need to ensure the content is there before we get user critical mass.For the fashion, gaming, music any type of creator, the ability to broadcast and upload video is key, using the other social features to support the channel or the creator.

Howdoo is available on Android and iOS. 


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