How did I convert 0.0065 BCH into 0.0467 BCH in less than 10 minutes?

How did I convert 0.0065 BCH into 0.0467 BCH in less than 10 minutes?

By cryptovato1 | Cryptovato's tips | 20 Jan 2020

I am writing articles for different crypto social media. I am evaluating and testing different ones.

So far my favorite ones are: Uptrennd, Publish0x,, and Steemleo.

I suscribed to in May, 2019. You basically get there tips for your short post which can have as a max. 217 characters. Every time you post, you upvote, you follow, you like someone's post -a minimum fee of around 500 BCH satoshi is discounted. I didn't pay much attention to it, and when I opened last December I found some SLP tokens that I was given for free.

So here I was checking some tokens that are already trading on Coingecko, and some of them are currently trading in market place. Yes you can buy and sell the tokens for the price other participants determine. Sometimes it is convenient and sometimes it isn't, I have to remain unbiased and tell you the truth.

1 week ago I wrote an article about my greatgrandfather who was hiding a persecuted family in his basement during WW2, and my post the other day obtained 0.0065, around 2.1 USD. So I came up with an idea to transfer this little amount of BCH to Actually it's very simple and as is BCH powered, you see them deposited in less than 1 minute because both Dapps run on BCH.

So when I transfered them there I suddenly saw an amount of 650,000 satoshis; don't think it's a million or something like that - it's the same 0.0065 BCH, the same 2 USD. And I bought one token for 0.005 BCH and some tokens to rent e-bike in Taipei, you know I am into ecology. The token is called E-BIKE, 80,000 E-BIKE.

These tokens I got for 1.7 USD (0.005 BCH), their current market value is 16 USD, which is equal to 0.0467. I earned 14.3 USD, it's a small amount, maybe it's enough to go to Walmart on Tuesday and buy there some fruits and veggies. But it's a 618% profit and I still don't count the value of 70,000 E-BIKE tokens which is 0.0007 BCH

So when you withdraw your earnings from for example or any other crypto social media , take a look at because the opportunities are there every single day.


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