Five Crypto Projects That Are Set to Explode in Q3 2020

Five Crypto Projects That Are Set to Explode in Q3 2020

By AnalystX | CryptoTrendMiners | 8 Jul 2020

Small to medium-cap cryptocurrencies are widely considered to be the highest risk, highest reward assets in the cryptocurrency space, since many of these haven’t yet reached the market capitalization that accurately reflects their utility, adoption, and potential—while some are simply duds.

But by sticking to the fundamentals, and looking only at projects with a solid use-case, strong team, and strong unrealized potential, it’s possible to separate the diamonds from the dirt and potentially net serious profits at the same time.

These are the ones we think are worth a serious look.


5. Perlin (PERL)


Perlin is a pioneering blockchain platform that is designed to power a more sustainable future by providing the tools and products forward-thinking enterprises can use to improve their sustainability, offset their carbon emissions, and drastically improve their efficiency. 

Although sentiment for the project is currently down after the decision was made to indefinitely postpone the launch of its wavelet protocol, the team is confident that it will be able to deliver on its promises using Ethereum as its backbone.

It’s also a sleeping giant. With a tiny market capitalization of just $6.7 million but well over $1 million in daily trading volume—the majority of which stems from Binance—Perlin is well-positioned to experience massive growth in the future. 


4. REN


In the last year, the decentralized finance (DeFi) industry has exploded in popularity, thanks to the advent of platforms and projects that make have made decentralized loans, savings, and liquidity protocols more accessible than ever before.

REN looks poised to continue this trend by making DeFi even more inclusive by allowing users to tokenize their Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Zcash (ZEC), allowing these ERC20 tokens to then be used with Ethereum DeFi applications. 

The project recently launched RenVM, a trustless cross-chain custodian for DeFi which facilitates near-instant cross-chain transfers, and has been climbing practically non-stop since the start of the year—gaining more than 450% YTD. 

With DeFi still gaining momentum, REN retains the potential to do another 10x by the end of 2020.


3. Universal Protocol (UPT)


This relatively unknown project has slipped under the radar for the most part, despite racking up some impressive partnerships as part of the Universal Protocol Alliance—an assortment of pioneering blockchain companies including Ledger, Uphold and Bittrex. 

Universal Protocol has launched an assortment of stablecoins (UPUSD, UPEUR, UPBTC) and has their own token (UPT) which is trading on Bittrex Global. UPT promises to become a universal ‘token of the realm’ by integrating with the members of the UP alliance, meaning Uphold, Ledger, Cred, Bittrex, CertiK and future members have committed to creating utility for the token.  That’s HUGE. If Uphold, one of the founding members, launches some type of incentive program or discount for holding / staking UPT, that alone would drive massive adoption and shoot this project to the first page of CoinMarketCap.

With an incredibly strong team behind it, and financial backing from the likes of Alphabit, Dekrypt Capital and Arrington XRP Capital, Universal Protocol is well-positioned to deliver on its promises. 


2. Verasity (VRA)


Verasity is a platform designed to help video publishers better interact with their viewers and monetize their content with its unique attention-based advertising solution. 

This platform allows publishers to directly reward their audience with VRA for viewing content, while VRA holders can stake their VRA to earn interest and spend their tokens via VeraWallet. 

Despite first releasing its Proof of Concept player in early 2018, Verasity has been moving at breakneck speed pushing new releases and updates. The project just branched into the e-Sports sector allowing players to set up private tournaments for VRA funded jackpots, and is on track to expand significantly this year.

The project has committed to moving away from supporting their Binance Chain pair (VRAB) to focus on one chain only. This focuses resources and you can bet the coin will consolidate then push higher. 

In addition, with a tiny market capitalization of $2.9 million and serious untapped potential, Verasity looks set to explode sooner, rather than later. Verasity looks like an easy 20x. 


1. Ampleforth (AMPL)


If high risk, high reward is your thing. Then look no further than Ampleforth. While some projects look to solve a wide range of issues with an overly technical solution, Ampleforth accomplishes the same thing, but with a barebones approach to design. 

Described as an elastic blockchain, Ampleforth is able to automatically adjust the total supply of AMPL tokens periodically based on the prevailing value of the AMPL token. Every 24 hours, the entire network undergoes a ‘rebase’, adjusting the total token supply to encourage traders to buy and sell AMPLs. 

If the price of AMPL is above $1, then the total supply will be increased, whereas the opposite will occur if it’s below $1. This produces an interesting market dynamic whereby increased adoption leads to both an increase in AMPL value and supply, dramatically increasing the value of the balance held by those that bought in early. 

This unique dynamic has already seen AMPL holders net an impressive 400% return in the last 2 weeks, and the network shows no signs of slowing down. 


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