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One crazy idea to upgrade Crypto Social platforms (LeoFinane, Steem, Hive, Blurt)

Yesterday before I fell asleep, I got one interesting idea I would like to share with You.
It refers to any of platforms I wrote in title.

I don't like to know before payout how much I will obtain for my posts. That makes me not likely to wait for that moment.
I would like to have my payout (and sometimes even number of people who voted for my post) hidden and see that numbers after 168 hours, 7 days. That would make it a moment of celebration.

Secondly, because of psychological effect called sheep's rush or herding, people tend to vote posts which already have big payout and a lot of likes. Hiding that informations should make people's voting more accurate and fair.

Of course it should not be obligatory. There should be options when publishing any posts:

  • I want payout visible for both me and others
  • I want payout visible for me but not for others
  • I want payout visible for others but not for me
  • I want payout not visible
  • I want number of + visible for both me and others
  • I want number of + visible for me but not for others
  • I want number of + visible for others but not for me
  • I want number of + not visible

Of course it is not good idea for publish0x because there posts can earn forever, not only during 7 days.

I encourage for discussion in comments.

Stay cool!

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- Medium: https://maciej-ficek.medium.com/one-crazy-idea-to-upgrade-crypto-social-platforms-leofinane-steem-hive-blurt-49a1de8bad17

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Maciej Ficek
Maciej Ficek

I am 23 yo, I study math. I like crypto, new technologies, programming. I don't like dogs, mushrooms and feeling unnecessary.


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