Kylin Network-Data Infrastructure for Web3.0

Kylin Network-Data Infrastructure for Web3.0

By Cyph3rpunk | Blocked Out | 2 May 2021

Kylin Network aims to create a cross-chain platform powering the Data Economy. Built on Polkadot , Kylin is gonna provide Data infrastructure for Decentralized Finance and Web 3.0 

Kylin Network seeks to provide data necessary to build DeFi products at low-costs without compromising interoperability and scalability.


Kylin Architecture

  • Kylin Data Oracle

The Kylin Data Oracle is a decentralized oracle which provides  data for Defi Dapps at low costs. It can provide off-chain data for Defi products while ensuring security and integrity.

  • Kylin Data Marketplace

The Kylin Data Marketplace aims to create a market for exchange of both off-chain as well as on-chain data. This will allow Dapps to access data for a variety of purposes such as weather forecasting,asset pricing etc.

  • Kylin Data Analytics

Kylin Data Analytics aims to provide a set of tools for data warehouses. It allows Dapps to query data and use Machine learning to filter the data.

  • Kylin Token (KYL)

KYL is the native token of the Kylin Network which secures the network and is used for governance.

The Kylin Network Token (KYL)

KYL is currently an ERC-20 token on Ethereum since Parachains are not live yet on the Polkadot mainnet.


KYL ERC-20 Contract Address:  0x67B6D479c7bB412C54e03dCA8E1Bc6740ce6b99C

What is KYL used for?

  •  on-chain governance where token holders will be able to vote on proposals.
  • pay transaction,  data query fees and also will be used to get acess to private APIs.
  • miners stake high amounts of KYL to be eligible for fulfilling data requests.


  • RioDefi
  • Reef
  • PolkaMarkets
  • PAID Network
  • Bondly
  • SpiderDAO
  • Ramp
  • PlasmaPay

The Polkadot ecosystem is one of the most anticipated launches of this year and Kylin Network will surely be one of the key projects building on Polkadot. By providing data and analytical tools to parachains , Kylin will be pivotal to the development of Defi applications and products.

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