How to be your own bank using CRYPTOTAG


Owning cryptocurrencies is all about being your own bank – but what does that actually mean, and how do you do it? In essence, it means users can control their own money without being subjected to arbitrary rules enforced by governments or commercial banks.


It also means, however, cryptocurrency holders have to secure their funds, as no one can help them as soon as hackers get a hold of their private keys. There are several ways to do this but we only recommend one: using metal seed storage devices to keep your funds offline.


First let’s start from the beginning: there are wallets we keep online – the so-called hot wallets – and offline wallets, or cold wallets. We use hot wallets to carry around fund we need for everyday use, meaning we only store small amounts in them. Cold wallets are where we put our savings.


Hot wallets are somewhat unsafe as they’re online and our devices can be compromised easily – clicking the wrong link can get malicious files on our device, which then monitor our keystrokes, alter the contents of the clipboard, or more. 


Cold wallets appear to be easy to secure as well: one hardware device and that’s it – right? Not exactly, hardware devices have their limitations: For one the software they’re on can easily become outdated and lead to all sorts of problems, and the pins we use on them may end up being hard to remember.


A solution could be paper wallets or writing the pin on a piece of paper. The problem here, however, is that since these are made out of paper they can deteriorate easily or mistakenly get thrown out.


Metal Seed Storage Wallets 


From the above it’s clear that paper wallets would be perfect if they weren’t made out of paper. The answer is then clear: metal seed storage devices like the space graded titanium wallets sold by CRYPTOTAG.


These wallets can resist natural disasters, can resist accidental damage, and cannot be thrown away without the person noticing it, and have no software. For the price of a hardware wallet, users can get a cold storage device that’s going to resist nearly everything, with the exception of getting lost or being stolen.


CRYPTOTAG’s wallets are corrosion, pressure, and impact resistant – so much so they’re bulletproof. They’re compatible with most hardware wallets, so users can move their funds to a secure, physical wallet no matter which solution they currently use.


What Others Have to Say


Numerous cryptocurrency enthusiasts have reviewed CRYPTOTAG’s products and attested their resistance. A review conducted by leading cryptoasset data provider CryptoCompare notes engraving a wallets letters onto the plates is a “rigorous process,” that that once it’s done all users have to do is not lose the plate.


  • Engraving the letters is a rigorous process, but once it’s done – that’s it. Your titanium cold storage wallet is now ready to help you hodl your cryptocurrency for years to come. The Starter Kit includes a box of matches you can use to burn your old paper wallet.

Another review, published by 99bitcoins, notes the firm’s products live up to their name of being a premium backup solution, with the package being “absolutely stunning” and having an Apple-ish feel to it.


When users buy a CRYPTOTAG Starter Kit they’re sent two titanium plates, a hammer, an anvil, punching letters, and a small box of matches to burn their old paper wallet. The kit also directs them to their tutorial page so they’ll know what to do. CRYPTOTAG’s two titanium  plates have a 48-word capacity, meaning they’re good for two wallets using a 24-word seed phrase.


If you would like to learn more about CRYPTOTAG and its products – including how they’re tested – we encourage you to head on over to their website and make sure you’re a part of the cryptocurrency revolution.

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