Not fucking selling bro

April 29, 2021 HODL Strategy

By nomorefiat4u | CryptoTaco | 29 Apr 2021

April is ending and the time tested strategy of HODLing has proven to be the best way to profit from your investments.

Ethereum hit an ATH of $2,700 this week. Remember when it was $180 last year and nobody cared? Well now over $2,000 you do seem to care.

Many crypto coins have increased 10x from their previous year trading price and imagine 10x next year from all the wonderful crap you buy this year.

Think qunatum. You're in the future looking back on this date and are grateful you got into the market at this point. Don't be a pussy and take a fucking risk in life.Β 

No risk no reward. This is the early wild wild west of the crypto revolution.Β 

I'm not a financial advisor so don't cry to me when your shit hits all time lows. That just means buy more shit for your quantum future self to prosper.

That's it for today, retards.


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New to crypto. Trying to learn more so I can earn more. HODL is de way to win.


New crypto investor seeking knowledge to make obscene amounts of profit. HODL longterm. Panick sellers GFY. Oh and fuck the fed reserve.

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