The next crypto coins to Explode in value?? (Hint: It's not DOGECOIN)

By Carded0421 | CryptoSphere | 15 Jun 2021

This article is for entertainment purposes only. Nothing is to be construed as investment advice. The author holds positions in the cryptocurrencies ANON and ANC mentioned in this article. All investments, be it cryptocurrencies, stocks, bonds, your mom, etc, carry risks and are yours and yours alone to bear.

This article contains a picture of a cat that was sadly hit by a car (To remind us to drive careful and slow), which may be offensive to some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised.

Anon Crypto King

A lot of crypto currencies have exploded in value over the last six months or so. There is one crypto currency in particular that has not exploded in value which is a fork of two crypto currencies, BTC and ZCL, which made a baby and gave birth to ANON coin. ANON coin has a low market cap, as does ANC. ANC is another interesting opportunity, since it hasn't seen the gains that other cryptocurrencies have seen. (ANON and ANC are two different anonymous cryptocurrencies, and are easy to get confused. Don't make that mistake. I had to edit this because I got them confused while writing the article, again.) Here's a chart comparing ANON to some popular 'altcoins': The current price of ANON is $0.005/ANON, which is far less than currencies, like Bitcoin, at $44,000 per coin.



As you can see, it's very odd that ANON is a fork of BTC and ZCL, with code improvements to make it anonymous, which bitcoin isn't, yet ANON coin has less value. This is likely due to development dropping off in ANON coin, however, other developers or Jake could come back in and bolster this coin into success with relative ease. Even without further development,  the underlying code itself is based on MIT’s zero-knowledge proof’s (zk-SNARKs) protection. Does Bitcoin use MIT’s zero-knowledge proof’s (zk-SNARKs) protection? Is Bitcoin anonymous? Silk road anyone? Not to condone the use of crypto for illegal purposes, I definitely and seriously don't want it used for bad purposes. I want anonymous crypto used for good purposes. Like, charity, or helping the blind. Seriously. Those are good things. Imagine doing good for the sake of it, without needing it attributed to your name or likeness.

Here's my thought process: All cryptocurrency is essentially code: ANON is a fork of BTC and ZCL, so it's a code copy with further refinements and development: therefore, ANON should have at least a similar or close value approximation (or greater) than BTC. 

BTC is popular though, because it's the oldest and most well known and everyone goes, BLAH BLAH Bitcoin, Bitcoin, and all the kids feel cool talking about Bitcoin, like they know something. I don't know where I'm going with this...


Anon was founded by Jake Greenbaum, J.D. in April of 2018. It's price has fluctuated from around $0.86 to around $0.0009. It's currently trading at $0.005.


If ANON coin becomes discovered, the coin could explode in value. Look at DOGECOIN for example. DOGECOIN is literally a meme joke currency. I laughed my butt off when I bought some of it. I mean, I bought it as a joke, it was super funny. I hadn't laughed that hard in a long time. I bought it as a joke before it was popular because I thought it was funny.

But you know what's not a joke? Kittens being run over by cars. Drive safe and slow everyone. A cat I knew was run over by a car. It made me sad.

Cat Roadkill

ANON or other anonymous crypto currency coins aren't really a joke, they're about having power and control over your future so you don't get screwed in the butt by some dickwads or psychos raging hormones on pills on a power trip.

Reach out to Jake Greenbaum and explain your desire to have the coin be developed, and/or show your interest by buying some of ANON coin on SafeTrade exchange.

Jake can be reached on LinkedIn

Jake seems to be more active on twitter


Current Problems:

Development seems lackluster, most likely due to the coin not receiving enough attention or interest.




It can be easy to confuse ANONCOIN and another anon coin, ANC. ANONCOIN led by Jake mentioned above has ticker (ANON) while the Anoncoin led by a team of crypto community and darknet enthusiasts has ticker (ANC)

Another interesting Anonymous cryptocurrency: ANC

Another coin revolving around anonymity, ANONCOIN (ANC) is another interesting cryptocurrency which as an active development and a community who truly believes in the power and potential of anonymity. 


Alright I got other stuff to do. Have fun!


P.S. If you really want this to take off, feel free to share this article or the image meme above on your social networks, YouTube, wherever. Let's get this gravy train rolling! Also I had planned to make a meme about Dogecoin taking a dump on a teddy bear or something like that, but I got busy. Or maybe dogecoin taking a dump on another dogecoin's face.. something like that.

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