Roobee ecosystem evolving the crypto investments scenario

By Cryptoray | CryptoSpace | 1 Nov 2019

A new era about AI and smart solutions coming with crypto


Roobee is a blockchain based investment platform pushing hard, creating automated services vía smart contracts, AI and blockchain based robots. After this little introduction, we can see deeply and analyze Roobee.



No entry barriers with low-cost entry buys

Roobee will enable any person with any income to invest as little as $10 in investment products such as venture funds, real estate, etc

Usually, only large capitals have access to invest in these options, shares, and assets (including cryptocurrencies). Now, every Roobee user will be able to invest with a smartphone or computer around the world.

Consolidation of crypto markets with Roobee

At this moment (starting November 2019), the Roobee project is reaching the crypto scenario. A scenario in constant evolution with Bitcoin & Ethereum at the head. Roobee presents a complete ecosystem aiming to grow fast in this next year 2020, with proposals extending the grow in 2021 and 2022. Everybody is able to reach exponential growth in the next years.

The system created allow functions and services mixing AI and transparent statistics in order to help people & institutions in order to make smart investments. This includes big investors and small investors as parts of the solution. Every user can start to use the advanced system starting from $10 in the investment including onboard products with usually high thresholds. Real estate, ambitious startups, investment funds, IPO, stocks, crypto projects, and others.



A world of investments on your Pocket

Roobee has an affordable strong point. The platform is a powerful interface running on Blockchain and with strong backend infrastructure in order to be 24/7 online.

These days we are experiencing a new era, the investments, the prices, market trends, blockchain news, economic news… all is inside the people’s pocket. The 24/7 online platform offers various investments available in the form of web-service and a mobile app reaching computers and pockets to cover the entire adoption. To know all the benefits and the disruptive new model of investments you can read the official whitepaper on this link below:

The blockchain based transparency on Roobee

Bitcoin’s network structure changed the world introducing transparency as a default spec in the distributed ledger or blockchain model. The most powerful apps in the space are following these rules, and Roobee’s implementation of blockchain is the key to provide a transparent structure with services to all the users. It enables the ecosystem to provide genuine track records, diversified portfolios on the all in one wallet model. User's data on completed transactions will be recorded in the blockchain including details of investments, exchange rates & more.

Automated investment in passive mode

In online trading, emotions can play tricks and that’s why passive trading strategies are so complicated to implement. However, new technologies build new ways to automate them leaving aside the moments of weakness. Users are now able with Roobee to bind the method of payment and not think about when you need to replenish your account or make an investment. In addition, automatic investing makes it easy to follow a strategy, such as position averaging in DCA (Dollar Cost Average).

To find out more details and other features it is recommended to do your own research on the official Roobee website and whitepaper.

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