Cryptoshares(SHARES): Transcending The Motivation

By Eddyc | Cryptoshares(SHARES) | 14 May 2022


Greetings Friends;

This article goes beyond the simple idea of motivation and together with Cryptoshares(SHARES) I would like to leave our comfort to all those who suffered some kind of bankruptcy in the Terra(LUNA) project that in my opinion can come back with everything, but due to the last events it needs adjustments and comfort with your community. The main idea of this article is to show a little of my view on what happened and how it can serve as a lesson for all developers, investors and supporters in the crypto world. In affirmative terms, I'm not here to judge right or wrong, much less point fingers at the culprit or something relative, that is, my intention is to show that despite everything the sun always rises despite the pains and joys.

Adding an interesting aspect we can observe this image of donation and I set up this image with the idea of donation of vibration and positive thinking using blood as vitality that represents life. I believe everyone needs a positive vibe and a friendly word.


Arrogance? Never say Never...


Terra(LUNA) is a blockchain network developed using the Cosmos SDK, specializing in the creation of stablecoins. Rather than using fiat or overcollateralized cryptocurrencies as reserves, each Earth stablecoin is convertible into the network's native token, LUNA. As such, the LUNA token allows holders to pay network fees, participate in governance, staking with the Tendermint Delegated Proof of Stake consensus mechanism, and peg coins. To peg a stablecoin like TerraUSD (UST), a LUNA value in USD is convertible at a 1:1 ratio with UST tokens. Sure? We can find this information anywhere in your industry.

An excellent project that guaranteed billions and billions in the market until a certain time. However, when analyzing and studying the manifestations of the main developer Do Kwon, we found a lot of arrogance in the face of the challenges and failures of the project and again I'm not here to judge him, but to show one of the paths that led to the market decline.

The question is, tweet this way?


On a Collision Course...

The fact has already happened and we must not dwell on the past and must move on. However if you analyze each message and each action of the developers we find the seed of decline in each of their actions and lack of maturity of life and experience influenced the current moment. Error is part of being human and I hope that humility prevails. In my opinion what happened is a direct confrontation with the whales and I'm not saying that they are to blame and I am not pointing the finger at anyone but I'm outraged about the situation.

Why challenge the powerful? Why go on a collision course knowing that there are more than 45,000 users who depend on and use the platform? Why so much irresponsibility?

Anyway, nothing in this world is perfect and everything can get better. When pointing out the flaws, we found the resistance of the development team to dig through the notes.


Finding the strength of Community


There can be no doubt that the only driving force that can save the project is the community. This energy to overcome will be the fuel needed to leverage the concept and values of Terra (LUNA) but it left a scar and a very strong message for developers, investors and supporters and you know what it's? "NOTHING IN THIS LIFE IS ETERNAL AND EVERYTHING HAS A BEGINNING, MIDDLE AND END". So I believe that everyone has learned a lesson.

Looking at old and new segments can be an option to alleviate recent pain and who knows how to change everyone's concept? Cryptoshares(SHARES) is from the Masternode segment. What do you think?




In my opinion and final summary we can find a new use for the Terra(LUNA) project or even come back with your ideas but now with a different concept and different path. A defeat means a wonderful opportunity for growth as a person and as an investor. Understand that this event has strengthened you and that you will reach new heights.



Don't give up lunatics



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