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Cryptoshares(SHARES): Sharing Solutions and Applications

By Eddyc | Cryptoshares(SHARES) | 6 May 2022



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Cryptoshares is part of the world of masternodes and when analyzing this type of market (Masternode) we find a certain type of cooling off in terms of membership and this stems from the fact that the segments in the crypto world are changing more and more. With this we can conclude that the market is saturating and that developers need to do something or they will face a long period of even greater stagnation.
When looking for profitability, supporters and investors are looking for something that can meet their expenses and also a sufficient profit to maintain project assets and seek new ways to increase their income, that is, there is a positive cycle that everyone seeks and with masternode is no different. Below I will write about Cryptoshares, a project that aims to boost the market and also bring back simplicity to solutions and applications in the crypto world.


What is Cryptoshares(SHARES)?



In connection with the introduction, Cryptoshares(SHARES) is a own blockchain, i.e. a currency that has a masternode and PoS, with the development plan to provide a usable platform that will allow the conversion and monetization of blockchain projects into publicly listed and tradable shares. In practical terms it will be a secure, decentralized and complete exchange ecosystem for blockchain projects, supporters and investors. That's right my friend if you seek freedom through decentralization Cryptoshares is the way because you will benefit through the interface and gains. Conversion is the main focus because Cryptoshares believes that we can live in the crypto world in a flexible, profitable and friendly way. The Cryptoshares project uses a Proof of Stake(PoS) consensus system algorithm, allowing all shares owners to participate in earning rewards. In addition to receiving passive income by running Masternodes and in confirmation the platform will offer use of equalization and trading of pseudo-stocks and not to mention the creation of native stable USDSHARES(tSHARES) token directly entering the possibilities of Web3 the most talked about topic of the moment, through of NFTs and DeFi/GameFi/Metaverse.

New Possibilities...

The roadmap is in progress and the developers are committed to delivering the best and the best possible way. However I would like to get into a line of reasoning and what would it be? Again I will mention Web3 and we know that recently Elon Musk bought twitter according to media sources and to add to this information why not create a masternode in the metaverse? That's right, in addition to earning passive income in the conventional world, why not create passive income on Web3 and specifically in the metaverse?
I believe that this type of service does not exist and if it exists it must be in an embryonic process because even the metaverse is (laughs). So, to get out of stagnation, conquer "territory" in the metaverse to be a great option because soon the world will face a much greater singularity with 5G that is gaining space every day in countries and connecting across the planet. In summary, mental, emotional and physical freedom will have a great focus in the near future where everything that exists will have to adapt to this type of movement and which in my opinion is global.



Cryptoshares Specifications:


Name: Cryptoshares

Symbol: SHARES

Algo: Proof of Stake (PoS)

Total Suply: 60 Milions





Masternode Online(MNO)









In my opinion, it's a project that has everything to be part of the best because it has its own blockchain and will offer a quality product for the benefit of your satisfaction and convenience. It's worth mentioning that the article is motivational and introductory and my role here is just to motivate you to be part of the community and share with your friends. So I invite you to access the links to learn more about technical terms or even contact the developers.

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A own blockchain, i.e. a currency that has a masternode and PoS, with the development plan to provide a usable platform that will allow the conversion and monetization of blockchain projects into publicly listed and tradable shares...

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