Put my first US$4 into Anchor Protocol

By diaperfinancingfund | CryptoSensei | 30 Apr 2022

Anchor Protocol could very well be one of the DeFi projects we Publish0x users dabble in. The stars are aligned for us on this one. We already have Kucoin accounts. We can convert our AMPL earnings to UST. Only one question remains: how do I deposit my UST into Anchor Protocol?

First, you go to https://app.anchorprotocol.com and connect your Terra Station Wallet.


Once you connect your wallet, click on the Earn icon, in which you can then deposit your UST. 


Please be aware that each transaction will cost you 25 cents in terms of gas fees. I attach a screenshot of my transaction for reference.


Any more steps? Nope! That’s it! Your UST will be converted into aUST and pave the way for you to benefit from passive income. 


I hope this guide was useful to some of you. Incidentally, the interest rate for Anchor Protocol will drop from 19.5% to 17% in a few days’ time, so I’m calibrating my expectations accordingly.

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