Hodlnaut Encourages Continuous Dialogue With Its Users

By cryotosensei | CryptoSensei | 2 Jan 2022

Before 2022 dawned upon us, I secured my 15th referral by a stroke of luck. 


Stirred by the desire to do something original about this increase in active referrals, I wanted to try something new. So I headed over to Hodlnaut's feedback page

Although Hodlnaut grew tremendously last year as it expanded its clientele 10 times from 1000 users in 2020 to 10,000 users in 2021, it is still considered a David compared to its well-established competitors like BlockFi and Nexo. But I really take my hat off to Hodlnaut staff because they know how to leverage their situation. They turned the disadvantage of being a smaller firm to something noteworthy. They initiated a feedback channel, which not only empowered their clients to articulate their pain points and suggestions for further areas of growth, but also responded to the feedback. Hence, you won't feel as if you are giving your constructive criticism in vain. Here are examples of responses that fellow Hodlnaut users wrote:


I especially dig the feature that allows us voters to vote for or against a suggestion!

Anyway, I thought I would make good of my 15 referrals and give my first suggestion to the team. This was what I wrote in all its magnificence:



If you can't read the screenshot very well, here are my words:

Right now, I know that we can have a maximum of 50 referrals but don’t know how I stand compared to my fellow Hodlnaut-ers. I think a leaderboard in which people are ranked according to the number of active referrals will spur friendly competition among us and motivate us to get more friends to sign up. Cointiply is a faucet that rewards top ten winners for its referral leaderboard every month. Besides rewarding people with top active referrals, Hodlnaut can also allow users to make a donation toward their preferred charitable organisation. Milieu, for instance, allows me to donate my points toward SPCA. Doing so will boost Hodlnaut’s CSR efforts.

True story. My suggestion was inspired by how I won $70 worth of Bitcoin from Cointiply in November 2021 because I garnered a total of 930 entries for its monthly lucky draw. So, of course, I hope to win $5-$10 worth of USDC should this idea be implemented. I am cautiously confident that 15 referrals would land me in the top ten positions? On the other hand, the altruistic side of me shone through, so I thought that if Hodlnaut didn't particularly want to reward users with many referrals, they could still look into implementing a leaderboard and making donations to the top 10 users' preferred charitable organisations. I would be happy too if Hodlnaut chose to embark on this option!

Well, now that I bared my selfish desire/selfless persona out in the open, I wait with bated breath for the number of upvotes/downvotes I will receive from this suggestion!

Here's my referral link for Hodlanut, if you are inclined: https://www.hodlnaut.com/join/joAItg9DS


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