VodiX to have IEO on Bittrex. Bounty Opportunity
VodiX to have IEO on Bittrex. Bounty Opportunity

By CryptoScrimper | CryptoScrimper | 17 May 2019

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If you didn't already participate in the Vodi X Airdrop I posted over a month back, you may want to--as they've listed with Bittrex to participate in one of Bittrex's first ever IEO's, or Initial Exchange Offerings. And of course will be subsequently listed to trade on Bittrex.

Vodi is an already widely successful ecosystem with over 5 million active users in over 200 countries. They are tokenizing their app and already accepting crypto payments which will help them reach the unbanked. In addition to disrupting the mobile telecom sector, they have plans to do the same for the microtasking industry. Hidden gem of an airdrop right here. Takes a few minutes to perform the social media bounty tasks, but it should be well worth it. Join here. And if you want to read more about them, see below.

From their Medium page: "Users are able to do money transfers, top up mobile prepaid, send Gift cards and engage in powerful communication such as voice/video calls. Since its inception in 2014, Vodi has effectively gained traction both in emerging economies and developed economies, allowing people to keep in close contact with their immediate families and friends; both at home and abroad. On top of that, features such as m-commerce, conversational commerce and video calls, alongside a comprehensive suite of services, have been introduced to continually engage its users.After serving its vibrant and emerging community for the past 4 years, Vodi, a Fin-Tech company that operates with human-designed thinking at the heart of its operating philosophy, has decided to take cues from their users in order to be forward-looking and future-proof. After extensive research, we have learned that while Vodi is a comprehensive app with a multitude of features and many ways to engage, not all of Vodi’s users are able to fully utilize the app’s full features.


In order to resolve these limitations and promote equal opportunity, Vodi will be launching Vodi X, a decentralized e-commerce ecosystem leveraging on the blockchain and smart contract technology. This will be carried out in two phases, comprised of Vodi Micro-task and Vodi decentralized App (dApp) ecosystem. The Microtask will open up income opportunities for all Vodi users. The dApp ecosystem will allow other dApps and apps, including Vodi’s existing app, to plug into Vodi X; enjoying access to Vodi’s existing 4.5+ million users (estimated to be 100 million by 2022).Transactions within the ecosystem will be tokenized with VDX tokens which creates exciting potential in order to further benefit our users. We envision Vodi X to be a fair and transparent ecosystem that revolutionizes e-commerce and create jobs for millions of people worldwide." Join here

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