Uptrennd Partners With Xord
Uptrennd Partners With Xord

By CryptoScrimper | CryptoScrimper | 4 Oct 2019

Xord, a blockchain and Dapp development company, and Uptrennd have announced a collaboration. Currently a standard Web 2.0 platform with a ERC-20 token attached to it, Uptrennd has tasked Xord with building out the blockchain software Uptrennd has always intended to migrate to. Now we have official word of the means by which this will come about. 


It isn't yet clear whether Xord will be developing a dedicated blockchain for Uptrennd or will be building on top of an existing smart contract platform like EOS or Ethereum. I mention EOS, because both Uptrennd's founder, Jeff Kirdeikis, and Xord appear to be fans of the technology, making one wonder if an EOS build is in the works. On the other hand, Xord also has a history of building Ethereum based platforms such as EnCert, a smart contract based certification engine that provides certification services for the teaching profession and other professional certifications. They've also built a voting system on the Ethereum blockchain called S Voting.

Uptrennd, which did no ICO, but has still managed to attract a few thousand users since its inception in January...

...is an altruistic social media company, built on the vision to transfer both wealth and power from the corporations back to people. Uptrennd allows content creators to earn tokens every time their posts and comments are upvoted. Depending on their level on the platform, users can earn up to 10 tokens per upvote they receive. These tokens can then be traded with any cryptocurrency.

This news comes amid new measures being put into place by the Uptrennd team to combat the rampant spam and plagiarism via copy and paste posts, and other posts lacking any original content, that have been plaguing the social media start-up of late. It seems any time you monetize online content via cryptocurrency tokenization, there will always be those who try to abuse it for financial gain. Uptrennd's system so far has proven ripe for such exploitation. Penalties have now been put in place for such behavior as well as a new limit of three posts per day. 

You can try out Uptrennd here

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