Uptrennd Offering Try-Out Bonus to Steemit Users
Uptrennd Offering Try-Out Bonus to Steemit Users

By CryptoScrimper | CryptoScrimper | 5 Mar 2020

Increasingly popular monetized social media site Uptrennd is currently offering a sign-up bonus for users of Steemit who give Uptrennd a try.

In addition to the 100 token sign-up bonus you'll receive if you use the link included below, Steemit users can receive 10x the number of your current Steemit reputation in 1UP tokens. For instance if your reputation on Steemit is 45, you will receive 450 1UP's. 

To qualify, simply do the following:

Sign up for an Uptrennd account here (it's super easy)-- then:

-Share this post to your Steemit profile.

-Share the URL to that post you made on Steemit in the comments of the above linked Uptrennd post

-Along with the Steemit URL, mention that you are NEW to Uptrennd & which FRIEND recommended (JonathanB) Uptrennd in your comment as well.

Uptrennd recently announced it has opened to all topics. Currently there are about forty-five communities including photography, music, art, and philosophy, and new ones will be being added all the time. So it's a great time to get an account and start earning for posting and commenting. You can even earn for making memes. There's a whole community for it!

Here's one I made a while back 


Whether you take advantage of this offer or not, I hope to see you there! 

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