Uptrennd Announces Slow Branch Out To Non-Crypto Topics
Uptrennd Announces Slow Branch Out To Non-Crypto Topics

By CryptoScrimper | CryptoScrimper | 12 Jan 2020

Jeff Kirdeikis, founder of crypto focused social media platform Uptrennd, has just announced in a post the first step toward the slow branching out toward non crypto topics on the growing platform. The announcement came with an included poll that asked users to choose their most preferred three topics out of a dozen or so they'd like to see Uptrennd open up to. 

The just over one year old platform--which has recently grown to 50,000 users--chose at the outset to limit all posts to crypto related topics. This was in response to the founding team noticing a phenomenon on newer social media platforms where the conversation tends to be spread very thin, due to many new users not yet knowing one another and there not yet being cohesive communities. It makes sense considering that over the years, people have gotten so used to being able to pick up their phone or open their computer and immediately have a sense of connection with communities that have organically grown over time on legacy social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Without that immediate sense of connection, many users of new social platforms grow quickly bored and fast return to their old haunts. 

In addition to the sense of community Uptrennd has been able to foster, the incentive to earn rewards in a system that's simple enough that you don't need to take a Udemy course to understand -- is very helpful. The gamification aspect of the Leveling Up feature is also helpful in this regard. 

But beyond that, Uptrennd has gone the extra mile in running very active Telegram groups, promoting all kinds of contests, and getting other projects involved to keep things interesting and lively. It seems increasingly clear just how important and effective--likely even necessary-- such things are in today's social media environment. 

Let's face it, people get bored more quickly than ever. Despite the exploitation of their users, and at times overly toxic environments, legacy platforms have done a remarkable job at providing a ton of stimulation and getting people hooked (mostly through their sneaky algorithms), for better or for worse. And it probably explains to a fair degree why, to date, none of the countless platforms that have tried to disrupt the legacy ones over the years has had any success. It seems very few have picked up on this phenomenon of "thin-ness of conversation" in new social platforms and sought to solve it.

Uptrennd has in the past had significant issues with server overload when the platform was growing perhaps a bit too briskly, and it will be interesting to see if opening to new topics--even if it is only three initially-- will open the floodgates to a swarm of new users who could once again overload the current server capabilities.

There is no doubt that Uptrennd will face stiff competition over the next couple years with EOS's Voice launching next month, which is of course just one in a sea of up and coming, as well as already existing tokenized social platforms, many of which have significantly more capital behind them.

But funding isn't everything. In my opinion, the platforms that will endure are those that have the most insight into what will work and what won't, long term --not those that have the most capital behind them. You can have all the capital in the world, but if your ideas are not sound, it won't help much. And likewise, you can have very little money, but if your ideas are sound, nothing can stop you.

If you'd like to try out Uptrennd, you can join here. Keep in mind the topic is limited to crypto until the team officially announces the three or so new communities have launched.


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