Quick PSA For U.S. Based Publish0x Users
Quick PSA For U.S. Based Publish0x Users

By CryptoScrimper | CryptoScrimper | 15 Jan 2020

Just wanted to make any fellow Publish0x U.S. residents aware of something I learned yesterday. I finally withdrew my Hydro this week and found out that due to U.S. regulations, Bittrex will not allow you to sell your Hydro there. It's a bit annoying because they will allow you to deposit your Hydro there! I have no idea why they support deposits for U.S. users despite knowing they will not allow you to use the market. But the increasing regulation of exchanges, particularly in the U.S., is something everyone should be aware of and adapt their strategy to accordingly.

I was able to exchange on Mercatox, though I did not get a good price as there's very low liquidity. I also do not recommend leaving funds on Mercatox as I've witnessed shady behavior in the form of having certain coins (sometimes major ones) in "maintenance" for months on end, and they will not let you withdraw during "maintenance!" So if you must use it, by all means get in and get out immediately.

There are other exchanges that support Hydro. Your ability to access them may vary...I have no experience with any of the others which you can see here

Just thought this might save someone a little time and hassle. 

And since you're likely to be U.S. based if you're reading this, let me take the chance to shill you my Abra investing/trading app referral! It's gimmick free I promise. Just fund your account with $5 or more via a U.S. bank account or Amex card and Abra will give you $25 in Bitcoin, no strings attached. When I did it, my bank transfer transfer went through quickly and I had my Bitcoin within 48 hours, though Abra terms specify it could be closer to a week in theory. It's then yours to do whatever with. You can even trade it back to USD if you want.

One good thing about Abra is the fast bank transfers. I had occasion to do one this week after not doing it in probably over a year, and was very surprised that the ACH transfer (I cannot vouch for wire transfers) came through in just over one hour! Apparently this is pretty common if you put your request in early enough in the day. Mine wasn't even that early...it was early afternoon I think.

Follow this link if interested

Get $25 in Bitcoin when you fund Abra investing/trading app with just $5. (U.S. bank account or Amex card required)

Earn a quick $1 in Bitcoin by claiming your Blockstack ID (restricted countries list included)


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