My Experience With Ads in Brave Beta
My Experience With Ads in Brave Beta

By CryptoScrimper | CryptoScrimper | 5 Apr 2019

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Brave has now enabled ads in the Beta version of their browser. You can download the Beta version and start earning BAT today by enabling Brave Rewards in this Beta version. You will be invited via a little pop up on the top right of your browser to view an ad based on your browsing history. You also have the option to simply close the pop-up without viewing the ad. 


After clicking on 'view,' it simply opens the ad in a new window. Once the page is loaded you can read the ad or simply close it and will be rewarded about 0.1 BAT in exchange for your attention. Thus the name, Basic Attention Token. 

You also have the option to choose how many ads per hour you want to see. The choices are anywhere from one to five. This feature is a bit obscure, and I have to thank blogger elduque here on publish0x for pointing this out. Directly under the switch which enables ads on the Brave Rewards page, there's a small light blue graphic. Click there and you will be able to adjust. Obviously, the more ads you allow to be shown, the more you will earn. If you have trouble finding it, please refer to elduque's blog here

Being a crypto enthusiast, blogger and investor, nearly all the ads offered to me have been crypto related so far. And honestly, to date, the experience has been quite repetitive. I've gotten the same ad for AirSwap probably a dozen times already. Still the browser credits me each time for viewing the same ad. I imagine that only so many advertisers have so far signed up to advertise via the Rewards program. Of course that is highly likely to change in the future and I would expect to receive a much more varied selection of ads once the full release of the product is launched. 



I've been exposed to some interesting ads for sure, the most memorable being one for a project that allows you to turn your crypto addresses into a 'handle,' such as Twitter uses. So that rather than sending your friend a long string of random, seemingly meaningless numbers and letters, you can send them a much more personable address. 

I have received a handful of non crypto related ads as well, such as for pre-prepped meal delivery service (which makes sense because I had been shopping for food online) and some sort of motel site (which makes less sense because I've not been searching travel or overnight related subjects at all!). 

All in all the experience with Ads has been positive and it's definitely interesting to witness the unfolding of a new model of online advertising. I had originally thought it would be a bit more similar to the current model where ads appear on the same page as the content you are viewing, but you would have the option to turn them off--such as with a standard ad blocker--or enable them and receive rewards. It will be interesting to see how advertisers respond to this new and very different model. Clicking on an ad that takes up a full page is certainly very different than the way ads currently work and it does tend to garner your attention in a way that smaller ads placed within the page you are already viewing does not. I could see how advertisers may in fact find this exclusive attention to their content very appealing and want to avail themselves of what Brave/BAT is offering. 

If you want to try it out, simply go to the Brave site and download the Beta version. It seems to be very stable and you can be among the first to experience this new world of online advertising and earn a few BAT at the same time. As far as I know the BAT you earn will be able to be withdrawn from the Beta version wallet after it processes at the end of the month. At the very least, they will be available for tipping your favorite content creators. Or you can install the standard browser release here and get free token grants for tipping.

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