Captain Bitcoin Airdrop Still Going. No KYC or Country Restrictions

By CryptoScrimper | CryptoScrimper | 5 Dec 2019

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    Captain Bitcoin PreLaunch

Captain Bitcoin will be a sort of hybrid earning and sweepstakes platform. They are waiting to launch until they have 100,000 sign-ups (they're getting close, they announced 50,000 few months ago). In the meantime, they're doing a prelaunch sign-up promotion. They are focused on driving bitcoin and crypto adoption via $1,000 in Bitcoin daily giveaways (by draw) to their users simply for watching two minimum of videos on their platform. If you don't win, you still earn some of their native token for watching, and they're giving you 1000 of their native token for simply giving them nothing but your email address. This is a lazy man's airdrop--not even one measely social media task!

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