Loopring on Coinbase

Loopring on Coinbase

By Lucasgaio | Cryptoscience | 17 Sep 2020

It's official, the famous Exchange Coinbase has listed Loopring (LRC) and YFI.


Starting today, traders and Publish0x users like us can buy or sell LRC.

How many like me have accumulated and hodl Loopring, coming to have a modest amount? We have seen its value rise in the last few days and maintain a very good level.


Loopring is an Ethereum token that the Publish0x platform distributes to its users and authors. Initially, its value was very low, but today we hit $ 0.30 and it is growing.


Trading on Coinbase

Step 1: create an account by clicking here.

Step 2: Verify your account and deposit fiat money by wire transfer or credit card.

Step 3: You can now buy and see cryptocurrency.


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