Quick Tips to Make Sure your Email is Secure for Crypto

By igotnoname | Cryptosafety | 18 Aug 2021

1. Have a Specific Email for Crypto

Don't use your work or school email. If you lose that email, accessing any accounts on exchanges or other applications connected to that email will be near impossible. There are also potential security concerns with not having a specific email just for crypto. Overall it's easier to keep everything organized when using one niche email.

Ordinarily, any email provider that offers 2FA should be sufficient in terms of security. If you are looking for something with more privacy, or want encrypted emails check out these two services below. Both services below work perfectly fine in my opinion.


2. Make Sure you are Using an App or Hardware Key 2FA

I wrote about the importance of 2FA as well as the different types in a previous article which you can find at the link listed below. The gist is 2FA will add another layer of security if a hacker tries to hack into your email. The goal is to make it as difficult as possible for a potential hacker to gain access to your account thus why it's needed to use an app or a hardware key.


3. Always be on the Alert for Phishing Emails

Phishing emails can come in many different shapes, fonts, types, emotions, colors, ETC. The point is for you to give some sort of information to the hacker so they can access whatever they are trying to access. Tracking pixels are usually attached as well letting the attacker know if it's been opened.

General tips to avoid being phished involve being skeptical for every email that comes along away, never clicking on any links unless you are absolutely positive it is safe, and never giving away any important information through email. Any information that needs to be filled out for a website or service can be done through the main website. Note that some crypto websites offer an anti-phishing banner that allows the user to distinguish between a fake email or a regular email. If a crypto service you use offers it, it is highly recommended that you use the banner.


4. Check if Your Email has Been Apart of Data Breach


Using the following website below you can check if your email has been a part of a data breach. If so it is highly recommended you change the password for that email. It is also recommended to check for any suspicious activity on any accounts that use that email. 


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