Binance Will List HIVE Starting Today

Binance Will List HIVE Starting Today

By xabi | cryptoreview | 27 Apr 2020


According to an announcement made on  Binance official website, HIVE will get listed starting from today. There will be three trading pair available(HIVE/BNB, HIVE/BTC and HIVE/USDT. 

Here is what announcement reads:

Binance will list Hive (HIVE) and open trading for HIVE/BNB, HIVE/BTC and HIVE/USDT trading pairs at 2020/04/27 05:00 AM (UTC). 

Due to initial wallet requirements, HIVE deposits and withdrawals will open at 2020/04/29 04:00 AM (UTC).

Remember Huobi exchange started trading HIVE on 2020/04/24, with HIVE posting massive 9X gains in just 3 days. What impact Binance listing will have on HIVE price, that is yet to be seen because we all already in a pump from previous exchange listing.

All in all this is very encouraging for HIVE future prospective as the coin is getting the major media and trader attention.

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