A legal betting platform powered by EOS tech and earn dividends lifetime!

A legal betting platform powered by EOS tech and earn dividends lifetime!

By Cryptorell | Cryptorell | 26 Jul 2019


This is my first article introducing you to the world of Betting. In this case, we're talking about EOSBET.

I like betting a lot. I know it's risky and you can't use all your funds because it could be addictive and you could lost everything.

So, before telling you more about this platform, be sure to spend the money that you can afford to lose.


Betting is an old way to earn money in the crypto-world, there are a LOT of betting sites that are legal but a lot of those sites are centralized. This means that they are created and programmed to make you lose or even worse make you win so you bet more in the next round and then boom, lost.

Eosbet is a decentralized site, probably-fair and legally registered in Curacao, check here.

Everything is random and everything runs with a smart-contract. The site is open-source and you can read the code here.

In the beginning eosbet was pure EOS betting. Now they accept BITCOIN and LITECOIN.

The interesting fact about eosbet is that everytime you bet, you get rewarded in BET tokens.

Those BET tokens generate income every SECOND, yes, not minutes or hours or daily, every SECOND.

Of course you need a lot of BET tokens to generate a good income per second or even daily.

It doesn't matter if you lose or win, everytime you get rewarded in BET tokens.


And you can claim your earnings everytime you want and even withdraw those ones to your wallet.

The dividends are generated in the 3 coins at the same time, so at more BET tokens you get, you generate BTC, LTC and EOS at the same time EVERY SECOND.

The amount of money that you can get depends on the house profit, the amount of users playing and all that stuff.

EOSBET has right now 3 games developed.

Dice: You always roll under. And you can bet a minimum of 0.01 EOS, 5000 satoshis and 0.0025 LTC

Crash: You hold your bet until the system crash, if you cashout before the system crash you got your profit.

Baccarat: You have to predict if the player wins, tie, or the bank.

I do not recommend using baccarat, besided you can make up to 11x profits it's very risky to use. I do recommend DICE and CRASH instead.



Register at eosbet here: https://eosbet.io/?ref=ez0716453543968410 (this is my referral code its free to use, thanks in advance)

Deposit your BTC, LTC or EOS in the platform.

Select a game and start betting.


There is no a constant amount of BET tokens that you earn per bet. It's random. But of course at more money you bet, more BET tokens are rewarded. But you can build your income passively and slowly as your pocket resist, lol.


If you have any more questions feel free to contact me at my telegram crypt0rell

I can provide strategies and some tips! I do play here a lot and I doubled my initial deposit knowing how to play.

It's not impossible and you can try it!




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