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Swissborg project: Learn and earn digital assets!

By mr. wonderful | blokchan | 10 Feb 2021

Swissborg is a swiss-based fintech company/community with a goal of improving the crypto market by making it more secure and accessible to masses. Behind is a team consisting of finance and technology experts from more than 20 countries dedicated to democratising wealth management by making it fun, fair and community-centric. Launching their ICO (initial coin offering) 2017, they developed a sophisticated financial engine, named the SwissBorg Wealth App. Their trademark product enables users the freedom and security to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with ease and smartest price execution. They also have a Community app which is an educational game that helps you learn about and predict the price of Bitcoin. In continuation I will explain their features and services supported by applications.

#1 Smart Engine: Smartest price and liquidity from multiple exchanges.

Their Smart Engine takes the hard work out of investing ,by connecting to established exchanges like Binance, HitBTC, LMAX and Kraken, and calculating the best liquidity and rates in a matter of seconds which means you can buy, sell and exchange at the best available price by using market volatility as an advantage. You also get a fully transparent exchange report listing all the details and no hidden fees.

#2 Smart Yield: Letting your cryptos work for you.

Deposit your assets to get a daily yield on supported currencies: USDC, CHSB (BTC, ETH and BNB in progress). Their smart yield program connects to selected counterparties with a full range of decentralised financial apps to create the ,by their words, best-in-class yield program and 25% of all returns go to a Safety Net program as a protection against risk. Your yield is automatically compounded and paid out daily, which means you're earning a return on your yield aswell. You calculate your potential gains on a calculator available on their site.

#3 Swissborg Token (CHSB): Benefit from the growth of the ecosystem.

They provide the opportunity for you not only to be a user but to become a real contributor by holding their native CHSB tokens. They offer a yield and staking program which benefits the community and token holders in return by reducing the supply and increasing scarcity. 20% of the ecosystem revenue is used to buy back and burn tokens which also provides scarcity and consequently increases value.

In the end, if you like what you read and want to support the project (and me by using the referral link and code, which I would greatly appreciate), they are still running a public bounty program, rewarding everyone who joins and supports them in the following ways:


They have a interesting referral program, where every new user who signs up via a referral link and deposits at least €50/£50 gets a chance to win between €1-€100 in BTC for free. Applicable to EU.

  1. Sign up on Swissborg through my referral link: (you get the bonus voucher) - non referall (no referral bonus of €1-€100 voucher)

  2. Create an account and verify your phone number.

  3. Verify your identity with a Passport/ID and a selfie (This is needed because of the KYC rules when dealing with monetary transactions).

  4. Deposit a minimum worth of €50/£50. You can do it with any of the supported cryptocurrency or bank transfer in any of the supported assets.

  5. You will receive a voucher with a random amount between €1-€100 in BTC immediately after your deposit is confirmed on your account.

You can withdraw your deposit together with the bonus back to your back account right after you get it. There are no fees for depositing and the withdrawal fees are 0.10% (minimum €1). Receiving a maximum €100 bonus is possible but most rewards are around the €5-15 mark.


Swissborg also has an app called Swissborg Community (available on AppStore and GooglePlay), where you can earn free BTC and 250 CHSB coins (CHSB is around 0,80$) by predicting the price of Bitcoin and doing various easy tasks inside the app without any deposit needed.

If you would like to give it a try (I recommend because its really fun and you learn alot), I would appreciate you using my referral code: MD53LZY to signup at Using a referral code gives you additional 3000 points that you can use for the game of predicting Bitcoin price.

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mr. wonderful
mr. wonderful

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