When the inventors of the atomic bomb take an interest in Bitcoin mining

When the inventors of the atomic bomb take an interest in Bitcoin mining

By NassiroV | CryptoPress360 | 25 Aug 2020

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The malware parade - A group of researchers from Los Alamos, a laboratory well known for having developed the atomic bomb malware, has officially launched a system to stem the new scourge of cryptocurrency mining due to crypto-malware .

The search for an antidote

These days, several hackers have made cryptocurrency mining their new hobby. Their preferred method? Breaking into the systems of "supercomputers"  and installing Bitcoin mining software there to take advantage of computational power hundreds of thousands of times greater .

Considered to be the new poison of these super machines, this software infects computers supposed to serve the interest of the greatest scientific research and has attracted the attention of the media , after a dozen of them had to go out of business.

Los Alamos at the parade

For the scientific world, the discovery of the Los Alamos team arouses unprecedented enthusiasm. Detailed in a paper entitled “Code Characterization With Graph Convolutions and Capsule Networks” , more precisely in the section “Code characterization with graphical convolution and capsule network” , the researchers specify that they have made a discovery thanks to artificial intelligence.

Instead of manually detecting the presence of spyware, it is an algorithm that takes over, scanning for authorized programs and destroying any attempt to install external software.

After carrying out a battery of tests, this discovery is considered "much more reliable and faster than all conventional techniques that do not use artificial intelligence". It remains to be seen how it will be used in the years to come.

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