War is declared: the ridiculous Bitcoin Cash must update ... or die

War is declared: the ridiculous Bitcoin Cash must update ... or die

By NassiroV | CryptoPress360 | 23 Aug 2020

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War is declared - On November 15, the hard fork of all dangers for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) will take place. The controversial new rule to donate 8% of mining rewards to a development fund is still being talked about. Dissent has even started to take shape.

Big changes coming to BCH?

In a publication published on August 6, Amaury Sechet , developer of Bitcoin Cash , presents the main developments of the next BCH update, which is due to take place on November 15, 2020 .

The first improvement is a change to the mining difficulty adjustment (DAA) algorithm . This new algorithm was dubbed aserti3-2d , or ASERT , by its designers Jonathan Toomin and Mark Lundeberg .

The second modification is much more criticized in the Bitcoin Cash community. Called Coinbase Rule , the latter consists of taking 8% on all new BCH from the mining rewards of each new validated block.

This "tax" will be redirected to a specific address, which will be used to fund developers working on the Bitcoin Cash code.

In accordance with this announcement, the Bitcoin ABC team released on August 18 a version 0.22.0 of their client for nodes in the BCH network.

Heated debates around modifications: towards yet another fork of BCH with "BCHN"?

One of the things that perhaps least pleased those who were already not very favorable to this history of mining tax (which goes back some time already), it is the categorical tone of Amaury Sechet who does not leaves more room for discussions:

“While some may prefer that Bitcoin ABC did not implement this improvement, this announcement is not an invitation to debate. The decision has been made and will be activated in the November update. "

It didn't take much for a large group of dissidents  to turn down ABC's new client. These tax resisters are led by the Bitcoin.com site (quite misleading name since it mainly supports BCH, not real Bitcoin).

This rebellion has released its own version 22.0.0 client , called Bitcoin Cash Node (BCHN) . The rebels also sign their block validation with the sentence "Powered by BCHN " .

The dispute seems to be gaining ground, because according to the statistics site Coin.dance , already nearly 20% of block validations would be done via BCHN nodes. Specifically 181 splinter node blocks out of the last 1000 mined at the time of writing. A real show of force, which could end up turning into a drama.

The last 1000 blocks mined on the BCH network - Source: Coin.dance

Is Bitcoin Cash heading straight for a new ' hash war ', like the one that led to the creation of Craig Wright's BSV on November 15, 2018? We will find out in a little less than 3 months from now on. We won't take the risk to bet it, but there is a good chance that we will see another split of BCH, into a “BCHABC” and a “BCHN”.

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