V for Vendetta? | OneCoin scam promoters found dead in Mexico

V for Vendetta? | OneCoin scam promoters found dead in Mexico

By NassiroV | CryptoPress360 | 19 Jul 2020

Book vs. Flick: V for Vendetta | SYFY WIRE

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The OneCoin project has been known to be a pyramid scam for a long time. Some may not have liked being scammed at all, because two promoters of the OneCoin scam have just been found dead in Mexico.

When the life of a con artist goes wrong

Started in 2014 , the zombified body of the false crypto project (but real Ponzi) OneCoin is still moving. This scam managed to hijack the tidy $ 4 billion over the course of its dismal existence, before the FBI and other law enforcement officials whistled for the end of the game.

According to the newspaper La Tercera , two Chileans - known promoters of the OneCoin scam - were found dead last weekend, in a small town in western Mexico, called Mazatlan.

Sordid details given by the first elements of the investigation: the two men are said to have died by suffocation , before their bodies were packed in suitcases and thrown into a vacant lot.

Revenge for OneCoin, or another trick?

No one knows at the moment what motive is hidden behind the death of Oscar Brito Ibarra and Ignacio Ibarra. We just know that Oscar joined OneCoin in 2017 , and that for 2 years, he promoted this pyramid system in Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Colombia.

The two accomplices were obviously engaged in a new circle, called " CLA  ". A company that seemed to promote the purchase of cars by payment in cryptocurrencies .

According to a report from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), the two scammers may have been mired in a deal with drug cartels in an attempt to launder money from traffic with cryptos:

DEA agent accused of conspiring with cartel - Los Angeles Times

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In the easy money game, these two men unfortunately burned their wings. Many OneCoin promoters have experienced a somewhat less dire fate, by being "simply" arrested, with still heavy fines, see prison sentences for thinking heads. Ruja Ignatov, the Bulgarian founder of OneCoin, is still running for the moment.

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