Make money spending bitcoins, the funny idea of ​​Strike

Make money spending bitcoins, the funny idea of ​​Strike

By NassiroV | CryptoPress360 | 22 Aug 2020

Strike Lets Users Send BTC Directly to Their Bank Account

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The development of Bitcoin is a great adventure littered with innovations that are just as interesting as each other. Today I will talk about the Strike app, which allows you to earn a few bitcoin satoshis just by making your everyday purchases.

Pay your expenses with Strike to earn BTC

The application Strike of Zap allows users to conduct transactions on the Lightning Network of Bitcoin easily, using their card or bank account.

In an announcement published on August 20, Jack Mallers , founder of the project, explains that, from now on, rewards in the form of cash back will be received by users of Strike.

But how can young startups like Zap which publishes Strike offer such rewards? Jack Mallers then explains who foots the bill for payment processing in today's world.

“Today, when you use your bank card, merchants pay, and it doesn't come cheap. The most popular credit card companies, like Visa and Mastercard, charge between 1.29% + $ 0.05 and 2.64% + $ 0.10 per transaction. Many businesses, especially small businesses (…) are billed much more. "

Tom Kirkpatrick , software engineer at Zap, explains to BitcoinMagazine that Strike's cash black is a “  win-win ” solution for traders and customers.

“Our merchant partners now have a way to directly entice their customer to pay in bitcoin, and users may not even realize they are paying in bitcoin, because with Strike they are spared that complexity. "

Strike and Bitcoin, the winning combination to do without banking giants

Thus, rather than paying the exorbitant fees of classic bank card transactions, merchants pay this cash back (via Strike) to their customers. A kind of small discount , to thank them for paying in bitcoin .

And for customers, everything is simple and transparent. After having linked their traditional banking means (CB or bank account), Strike takes care of all the technical details for the customers. They simply have to:

  • scan the merchant's QR code,
  • confirm payment,
  • and earn their reward!

No need to juggle dollar / BTC conversions or get lost in the (still experimental, admittedly) twists and turns of the Lightning Network .

Zap Strike and its cash back are part of these revolutionary little innovations of the Bitcoin network. Not only does it facilitate the adoption of the king of cryptos and its Lightning network to the greatest number, but it allows merchants to highlight a payment method that is less expensive for them!

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