KAVA crypto (1 $): analysis of the Cosmos MakerDAO (ATOM)!

KAVA crypto (1 $): analysis of the Cosmos MakerDAO (ATOM)!

By NassiroV | CryptoPress360 | 29 Jun 2020

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KAVA crypto analyzed against Bitcoin

The KAVA cryptocurrency looks good when we evaluate it in bitcoins, even if we are not immune to a slowdown, with possibly the formation of a lower point clearer than those that we could read on the graphic.

After a downward trend of 150 days, the price of KAVA is a high of more than 70 days, and since the trend is upward. Be careful, however, the price begins to bevel, and if the situation seems prompt to an impulse, this indicates a consolidation that could last a little longer, with all the same, a good instance of crossing.

KAVA vs Bitcoin crypto price daily

The price of KAVA evaluated in bitcoins (D1)

The price of KAVA in dollars

The price of KAVA analyzed in dollars is interesting, but is present in an area where volatility will probably be very high. The variations against the dollar are also very subject to the situation of BTCUSD, which shows a very significant slowdown (2 months) currently.

We are currently back in an uptrend, but we have been slowing for about 30 days.

KAVA crypto price in dollars or USDT

The price of Kava against the dollar (D1)

KAVA, cryptocurrencies, and Bitcoin

Kava is presented as “the MakerDAO of Cosmos”. MakerDAO is a project running on Ethereum allowing to realize complex mechanisms of decentralized loans. Kava is therefore both:

  • in the wake of the MakerDAO project, 15 times more capitalized;
  • in the wake of the Cosmos project and the ATOM cryptocurrency.

You have more likely identified that KAVA crypto is part of the trend of decentralized finance particularly fashionable at the moment. The FTX platform has also launched a perpetual vote to add the next cryptocurrency to its DeFi index, and KAVA is on the list of candidates.

KAVA is also a very young cryptocurrency that did not experience the bubble of 2017. It is therefore free from all those people who bought very, very high, who would be quick to sell the slightest price surge.

In addition to these specific elements, the context could be favorable for a progression of the pair evaluated in bitcoin. Its DeFi co-religionists are currently significantly bullish against Bitcoin. But above all, Bitcoin demonstrates a very strong slowdown between $ 8,000 and $ 10,000, with the attack on certain important dynamic media (MM50). In the event that this weakness persists, it is not unlikely that some pairs evaluated in bitcoin will swing a little.

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