Bitcoin | WikiLeaks accepts Lightning payments

Bitcoin | WikiLeaks accepts Lightning payments

By NassiroV | CryptoPress360 | 16 Jul 2020

Free Press Group Ready to Cut Off WikiLeaks

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WikiLeaks shows once again its interest in cryptocurrencies. Its store takes a new step by accepting payments from Bitcoin's Lightning Network.

WikiLeaks: bitcoiner from the start

WikiLeaks is one of the pioneers in cryptocurrencies. The NGO began accepting donations in Bitcoin as early as 2011, when the very concept of cryptocurrencies was almost unknown.

It was at this time that all of the American banks decided to block payments to the organization. The latter had no choice but to find alternatives.

WikiLeaks on the Lightning Network

The organization has just taken a new step. As announced on Twitter, the WikiLeaks online store now accepts payments via the Lightning Network.


From now on, it will, for example, be possible to buy T-shirts of WikiLeaks, various accessories and CryptoKitties. What help to finance the organization, and this, by paying directly from the Lightning Network.


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To offer this method of payment, the store turned to the Coinpayments solution. It's the same solution that Shopify recently adopted. It is unlikely to be a coincidence.

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