Advertising for a new Bitcoin scam can be very expensive

Advertising for a new Bitcoin scam can be very expensive

By NassiroV | CryptoPress360 | 8 Jul 2020

7 Bitcoin Scams You Need To Be Aware Of

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Scams end badly, in general - Scams are legion in the cryptosphere, and one of its most famous incarnations has not finished making the headlines: OneCoin, the famous ponzi at more than 4 billion dollars, still has fingerprints all over the world ... But the least we can say is that their future looks less and less glorious.

The hunt is far from over

The OneCoin project was this gigantic pyramid of Ponzi based on nothing, and that was selling a "crypto". Obviously, and despite the fact that the company has taken on truly gargantuan proportions, the building ended up collapsing.

Since then, victims have been identified in nearly 68 countries, and have reportedly enabled OneCoin Ltd. and its leaders to extort $ 3.53 billion in total.

The £4bn OneCoin scam: how crypto-queen Dr Ruja Ignatova duped ...

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The FBI, in particular, has since got hold of Konstantin Ignatov, brother of the founder Ruja Ignatova, sometimes nicknamed the Crypto Queen.

Determined salespeople ... but quickly caught up

Mr. Fok Fook Seng, a man of 52, was indeed sentenced to 72,000 $ fine for misleading investors by making them inject their savings in OneCoin. It must be said that he would have put the small dishes in the big ones: the judges reproach him in particular for having organized large-scale events at the local level, but also for having ruthlessly cracked down on the Internet using seminars in line.

Ultimately, the Singapore authorities whistled the end game for Mr. Fok. A little late, however, since during his year of activity, the accused would have had time to take advantage of the credulity of some 1180 “investors”. One of his supposed accomplishments is still awaiting judgment.

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