What is Simple Token (OST)? | Create your own cryptocurrency easily with Simple Token
What is Simple Token (OST)? | Create your own cryptocurrency easily with Simple Token

By NassiroV | CryptoPlanet | 17 Feb 2020


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The goal of Simple Token

Simple Token is a platform that seeks to facilitate the launch of digital currencies. Today, launching a cryptocurrency is an ambitious mission that requires a full team and significant resources. Simple Token offers an application, OST kit, which allows anyone to create their own cryptocurrency. This tool allows you to launch a fully personalized currency.

A personalized cryptocurrency

The user can choose the name, the design, the number of tokens issued, the integration of the cryptocurrency in an already existing application. At any time, the holder of this cryptocurrency can change their tokens for OSTs, the Simple Token token, and then change their OSTs on any exchange.

The role of Simple Token

Since all users can create their own currency, one wonders what will be the role of Simple Token currency within the network. To create their currency, a user must have Simple Token tokens. It is not enough that they have them at launch, they must permanently hold a total quantity corresponding to the number of units of the created cryptocurrency.

Software to manage your own economy

Simple Token provides the user with all the tools necessary to personalize, analyze, manage their economy and their tokens, through an intuitive and scalable interface. The creator of a currency defines the conversion rate into Simple Token itself. The platform also offers a wallet, a virtual wallet, which can be customized to adapt to your economic system.


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