Enjin Coin (ENJ) Cryptocurrency Project | Advantages and Disadvantages | Quick review

Enjin Coin (ENJ) Cryptocurrency Project | Advantages and Disadvantages | Quick review

By NassiroV | CryptoPlanet360 | 7 Jul 2020

Unconfirmed: Crypto Startup Enjin to Back Rumored Samsung Galaxy ...

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Team and partners

Maxim Blagov - co - founder and CEO: He co-founded Enjin in January 2008 in Singapore following his studies at the Technological University of Sydney, he graduated in Computer Science

Witek Radomski - co - founder and CTO  : No information on his education and professional background. He is nonetheless also a co-founder of Enjin.

Pat LaBine - Vice-President Engineer  : Former producer at Bioware and advisor to the Enjin project, he joined the team in January 2018 and is responsible for team management.

Lilia Pritchard - Chief Operating Officer

Ilija Rolovic - Chief Marketing Officer

The team is of course made up of other members, but they all or almost all started their activities by joining Enjin. It is therefore difficult to obtain conclusive information about them.

Despite this little information about the team, some advisors should be remembered:

Anthony Di Iorio  - CEO & founder of Decentral and Jaxx, and also co-founder of Ethereum
Ryan Lackey - CSO (Chief Security Officer) at Tezos Foundation

Concerning the partners of Enjin, they are not numerous but are nevertheless of remarkable quality:

  • Samsung: Offers the Enjin Coin on the wallet of its Galaxy S10. The price of the Enjin had moreover jumped by more than 75% following the announcement, and almost during the following 2 weeks.
  • Unity: multiplatform game engine (smartphone, computer, video and web game consoles). It is one of the most widespread in the video game industry, both for large studios and for independents. It is a partner of choice knowing that the Enjin Coin is closely linked to the video games sector.
  • PC Gamer: one of the most influential media concerning news on PC video games. This same media which organizes regular events around the world, which is a major asset for the Enjin Coin and its utility to make themselves known.


  • Partnership with Samsung and Unity
  • The targeted sector, that is to say gaming , is only growing and this is not likely to stop, which offers good prospects for the evolution of the project
  • An already substantial user base
  • technology already functional and which attracts many developers
  • A well-protected, complete and intuitive wallet
  • Provides a real solution regarding the exchange of goods in video games with real value


  • The system is still fairly closed. Enjin Coin, excluding trading , can only be used with the tools developed by the company, which can harm the democratization of the token.
  • The project is extremely ambitious, which a fortiori makes the realization and completion of the initial idea complex. Enjin engineers face many technological challenges.

Quick review on the Enjin Coin

Being already functional and in partnership with major structures in the technology and gaming sector (Samsung, Unity), the presence of the Enjin Coin on the market is rather encouraging. Many projects, even today in the top 100 of the largest capitalizations, still have no concrete and / or usable product.

The wallet available on iOS and Android, intuitive for the user and offering a significant number of cryptocurrencies, seems to be a good asset for the company. This also facilitates the democratization of the system to the greatest number.

The future of the project looks promising given the already large community attached to the system.

However, the Enjin Coin being based on the participation of developers of applications and video games, they must be interested in this system and wish to use it during the process of creating their games. Hopefully, In the future, major studios in the industry will join the project in order to make it gain popularity and trust with players.

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