Basic Attention Token (BAT) review | Advantages & disadvantages + my opinion
Basic Attention Token (BAT) review | Advantages & disadvantages + my opinion

By NassiroV | CryptoPlanet | 10 Mar 2020


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  • Targeting of ads is better and users receive money by viewing them.
  • Less fees taken by intermediaries.
  • Content creators receive better advertising revenue.
  • The advertising budget is spent more effectively by advertisers.
  • The creator of the project is a monument in the world of web browsers.
  • Many users are already using the Brave browser and its popularity is increasing over time.
  • Basic Attention Token plans to work in the future with other internet browsers.
  • The project is already functional and should continue to evolve over time.


  • During the ICO, 20 people bought 2/3 of the tokens available for purchase. Distribution is therefore unequal.
  • Facebook and Google are two advertising giants. It will take time for people to decide to migrate to BAT.
  • Even if other browsers should eventually allow you to use the functionality of the Basic Attention Token, this is only possible at the moment with Brave.

Notes and my opinion

Basic Attention Token is a functional project that already allows many people to benefit from it. Users are rewarded by watching advertisements, content creators receive more money by allowing ads on their websites, and advertisers get a better return on investment from their advertising spend.

The Brave browser also promises to guarantee the privacy of users by not storing any of their personal data. These are exclusively stored on the user's device. However, it should not be believed that this is enough to truly protect the anonymity of the users.

Even if for the moment the Basic Attention Token only works using the Brave browser, the team has included in its roadmap to make it compatible with other browsers. However, we are entitled to wonder if a browser like Google Chrome will accept that a competitor comes to grab market share.

Finally, it should be noted that the distribution of tokens during the ICO was fairly unequal. This took place in less than 30 seconds and 20 buyers obtained two thirds of the available BAT tokens. The token is therefore more subject than others to "pump and dump" phenomena, during which the big owners voluntarily make the price of the token plunge or soar.

However, Basic Attention Token is an interesting project that you will have to watch carefully. Its founder was the co-founder of Mozilla, and the team developing the project is very solid. Even if you do not want to buy the BAT token on an exchange site, you can still download the Brave browser to earn BAT tokens.


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