Aragon (ANT) Crypto Project | A management platform built on the Ethereum blockchain

Aragon (ANT) Crypto Project | A management platform built on the Ethereum blockchain

By NassiroV | CryptoPlanet360 | 29 Jan 2020


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Aragon is a management platform built on the Ethereum blockchain, and its objective is to help and support the management and creation of companies worldwide.

Blockchain is a technology that is completely revolutionizing the business world and Aragon wants its members to be able to take advantage of it. Argon thus makes it possible to create decentralized autonomous organizations. The platform offers several features for salary management, accounting, tables... and has been designed to be easily usable by all.

Aragon services

Aragon will offer decentralized arbitration. It is a protocol that will be used to resolve conflicts and disputes. The platform is fully scalable. Indeed, developers are aware that organizations will have specific needs and specific requirements and Aragon is a system capable of adapting and offering additional functionality as it develops. The network does not require any technical skills and any user can create contracts on the blockchain. This is a considerable advantage in being able to democratize the use of Aragon among the general public.

ANT tokens

The Aragon network uses its own currency, the ANT tokens. Users use their ANT tokens for all governance on Aragon. Thus, they can vote for decisions related to development. Tokens give them access and voting rights. The total supply of ANT tokens has been set at 39 million units. During its ICO (Initial coin offering), Aragon raised $ 25 million in less than thirty minutes.

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